Family Friendly Hotels in Kyoto

The ancient capitol of Japan, Kyoto has a rich and fascinating history as well as a lively and buzzing modern city atmosphere. This is what draws people from all over the world to enjoy everything Kyoto has to offer. It can be a great adventure, but travelling with children can add some extra challenges. So it is our job to try and make your trip to the beautiful city of Kyoto as easy and pleasant as possible. Here is a list of just a few of the best family friendly hotels in Kyoto.  Each of these are right in the heart of Kyoto within close proximity of many famous landmarks of the city. This is by no means a ranked list, each of these superb hotels offered great service, quality and value for money for you and your family during your stay in Kyoto.

First on the list is the Cross Hotel Kyoto. The hotel is situated right by the famous shopping and gourmet dining districts of Kawaramachi and Kiyamachi. So in the local area you can shop ’till you drop and can eat your fill of incredible Japanese foods. Within walking distance are also many of Kyoto’s world famous heritage sites. For those who want to travel a little further around the wider area of Kyoto, there are also the Hanku and Tozai train lines both within a ten minute walk of the hotel. This means that everything the city has to offer is right on your doorstep.

The services still don’t stop there! Each room comes with with high-speed WiFi for uploading your photos of the day. Within the hotel is also included hot-tubs and a bar/lounge area. For those just arriving in Kyoto, a 24 hour check-in with staff speaking a variety of languages, including English, as well as a taxi service are all available through the hotel.

Next is the Daiwa Royal Hotel Grande Kyoto. This truly grand hotel is located within a five minute walk of Kyoto station. The hotel prices itself by fusing traditional Japanese hospitality with cutting edge, modern technology and many amenities to enjoy. With executive rooms a bar and lounge, this luxurious experience is one to remember. The Daiwa Royal Grande Hotel Kyoto also has many of the services such as, free WiFi, banquet room, taxi services and even activities for the kids.

Kyoto station is, in itself, a location worth spending a day or two exploring. As this station is on the doorstep of the hotel, this great experience and the wider area of Kyoto and its historic locations truly are easily available for pleasant and fast travel. For those who are looking to travel further outside the city, Kyoto station is also home to the Shinkansen (Bullet train).

Perhaps you want to be even closer to Kyoto station? How about directly on top? In that case we recommend the Hotel Granvia Kyoto. This is a fifteen story hotel located atop of Kyoto station. Located within the station the Hotel Granvia has easy access to and from Kansai Airport as well as all other train lines to and from Kyoto station. Kyoto, all of its shopping, dining and heritage sites, and the wider areas are truly on your doorstep.

Of course the Hotel Granvia Kyoto also has all of the amenities that you would expect. Free WiFi, a bar/lounge, and breakfast buffet, but in the Hotel Granvia Kyoto they go more than just the extra mile. There is also a spar and massage salon, indoor swimming pool and hot tub, as well as a 24 hour front desk, concierge and taxi services.

For those who are after the traditional Japanese experience and like the modern touch we have the Granbell Hotel. this hotel situated just a two minute walk from Gion-Shijo train station. Gion is the historical Geisha district of Kyoto, perfect for those looking to experience Japan’s history and culture. With Gion on the doorstep many famous sites are also within a short walking distance, like the world famous Yasaka shrine only eight minutes away. Only a fifteen minute walk is the Kyoto Samurai and Ninja experience museum, a must for samurai and ninja history lovers. All the rooms are traditionally decorated but also include all the comforts you could want from a modern hotel. As well as all that, the Hotel Granbell Laos offers a bicycle rental service to make exploring Kyoto fun and easy.

The Ryokan style hotels of Japan are world famous for their exceptional tradition and service. So of course the Kyoto Ryokan Sakanoue is no exception to this. Kyoto Ryokan Sakanoue is located in the heart of Gion, a virent yet quiet district of Kyoto. Here you can experience the true majesty, history and culture of Japan. From Gion many of the city’s temples, shrines, museum, train stations, shopping and dining are all within a short walk of the hotel. Of course, a taxi service is also easily available for families to travel.

these are just a few of the many, many great hotels that Kyoto has to offer, but we hope that this can help your trip and stay in Kyoto as magnificent and memorable as possible. Enjoy!

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