16 Exciting Things To Do In Osaka With Kids

Osaka – the third largest city in Japan – is truly one of the best and most trilling urban destinations in the world. Vibrant, colorful and unique, it’s a city filled with eye-opening, cultural and culinary experiences that you won’t find elsewhere in the world.

And, like the rest of Japan, the metropolis also teems with fascinating and mind-blowing experiences for the whole family. From a world-class theme park to Kids Plaza Osaka, there’s no short of memorable things to do in Osaka with kids.

Headed to the city, but got no clue on what to do in Osaka with kids? Then, make sure to check out our list of the best things to do in Osaka with kids.

1. Be a samurai warrior at Maikoya Osaka

Looking for crazily fun things to do in Osaka with kids? Ever daydreamed of becoming a ninja for at least a day?

Well, guess what? You and your kids will get a chance to fulfill that dream at Maikoya on your Osaka family trip.

Set right in the heart of the city, Maikoya Osaka offers you a chance to step back in time and get a taste of the samurai life.

With their “Samurai Experience”, you get to don authentic black samurai robes and learn the fighting techniques of Japan’s legendary warriors. As a matter fact, they offer lessons on how sheath your katana properly.

What’s more, their tour includes meditation techniques from a genuine professional instructor.

2. Explore Universal Studios Japan

No Osaka trip family itinerary is complete without a visit to the lively Universal Studios Japan.

After all, it’s the second most popular and visited amusement park in the country, next to Tokyo Disney Resort.

Here, you and your kids will have a blast exploring a plethora of thrilling and fun-filled rides and attractions.

3. Take a Maikoya ramen cooking class

Craving for some tasty ramen? Why not include a ramen cooking class at Maikoya to your list of things to do in Osaka with kids?

Not only will it teach your kids how to cook tasty noodles, but it will let you savor the best-tasting authentic ramen in the city.

4. Visit Kids Plaza Osaka

There’s no place quite like Kids Plaza Osaka. With its parent-friendly facilities and unique creative exhibits, it’s a wonderland for the little ones, making it one of the must-visit attractions in Osaka with kids.

Home to massive entertainment centers, this sprawling complex has a mammoth playground, a culture museum and arcades.

Furthermore, it boasts a nature and science museum, a baby play area, workshops and cooking classes.

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