Kyoto’s Tea Ceremony – the Matcha Tasting Ritual

Tea ceremony in Kyoto can be considered as a form of meditation. Kyoto has the highest number of teahouses and the best place to join a tea ceremony. This is a list of the most popular tea ceremony locations in Kyoto. We listed MAIKOYA tea ceremony, “Juan”, “Camellia”, En” and “Koto.”   We recommend the MAIKOYA tea ceremony. What is your choice?

tea ceremony kyoto

What is Japanese tea ceremony? 

Drinking green tea in a traditional room. The host and the guest do not talk much. The host serves tea to the guest in a polite way. There are hundreds of rules about how to prepare the tea.

What is the purpose of tea ceremony? 

Tea ceremony has 3 purposes: 1-To have a peaceful mind. 2-To meditate and drink tea at the same time. 3- To create a better relationship between the host and the guest.

What is the history of tea ceremony? 

Japanese people have been drinking ground matcha tea leaves for about 800 years. The traditional tea ceremony was created by “Sen no Rikyu” around the years of 1570s.

How long does a tea ceremony last? 

A typical tea ceremony in Kyoto lasts 45 minutes. . A formal tea ceremony may last 4 hours.

What kind of tea used in the tea ceremony? 

Ground matcha leaves. Best tea leaves are grown in Uji.

What is the etiquette of tea ceremony?

Be quiet, don’t check your phone or watch, sit on your knees.

Here are the most famous tea ceremony venues in Kyoto!!

How can I see a geisha after tea ceremony?

Wait on the corner of “Hanamikoji Street” and “Shijo Street” between 6 pm and 8 pm.

The best rated tea ceremonies in Kyoto.

1. Kimono Tea Ceremony MAIKOYA (Best Rated)

tea ceremony kyoto MAIKOYA

MAIKOYA is the most popular teahouse in Kyoto. The guests wear a beautiful kimono.  You can learn about the culture and history of tea ceremony. You can learn about the culture and history of kimono. The tea ceremony costs 2,400 JPY without a kimono. The tea ceremony with kimono costs 5,000 JPY. The first tea ceremony session starts at 09:30 am . The last session is at 7 pm. MAIKOYA teahouse is located in the historic  “Gion Area.” Maikoya is not far from the downtown area.

<<Book on Maikoya>>

Phone : 075–606–5303


Location & reviews: 

2. Tea ceremony Koto

tea ceremony kyoto koto

This is a tea ceremony house near the Kinkakuji temple. The tea room has a quiet and calming environment. It is a bit expensive compared to other places. The tea ceremony costs 2,700 JPY per person.If you want to wear a kimono you have to pay 12,000 JPY. The first tea ceremony is at 10:30 am. The last tea ceremony is at 5:30 pm.

Phone: 090–9624–5164

Address: 37 Kinugasa-Nishigoshonouchi-cho, Kita-ku

Location & reviews

3. Camellia Flower

tea ceremony kyoto camellia

“Camellia Flower” is located near Ninenzaka. This teahouse  is not far from Kiyomizudera Temple.  There are traditional streets and traditional houses nearby. “Camellia Flower”  is located in a small street which is difficult to find. The cost is 3,000 JPY per person. It is an average quality.

Phone: 525–3238

Address: Camellia, 349 Masuya-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City

Location& reviews:

4. En Tea Ceremony

tea ceremony kyoto EN

This tea ceremony venue is located near the “Yasaka Shrine.” “En tea ceremony” only accepts reservations for the morning sessions.The tea ceremony at “En” costs 2,500 JPY per person.

Phone: 08037822706

Location: En is located at the intersection of Higashioji St. & Shinbashi St. Address: 272, Matsubara-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City

Location & reviews:

5. Tea Ceremony Juan

tea ceremony kyoto Juan

“Tea ceremony room Juan” is located in the “Gojo Area.” It is near a small temple. If you want to make a reservation you need to call them.  The first tea ceremony session starts at 11:00 am. The price is  2800 JPY. The kimono option costs between 7,000~10,300 JPY. There is also a discount for kids.

Phone: 9011384480

Address: 556, Gojo-sagaru, Tominokoji Dori, Shimogyo-Ku, Kyoto

location & reviews:

Price Comparison Table

tea ceremony kyoto price

I recommend  Kimono Tea Ceremony MAIKOYA  . It is the best tea ceremony according to Tripadvisor and Google reviews.

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