Japan Scholarship MEXT

As the number of young Japanese students has been declining, a large number of Japanese universities and organizations started offering scholarships to foreign students and researchers.

Japan Student Services organization offers scholarships for the international students. It can be applied through the university in Japan.
This scholarship requires certain Japanese language skill for eligibility. The language level depends on the district of the applicant. Prospective student must choose and apply to the university before applying for the Rotary Scholarship.
World Bank offers scholarships in the development-related field. Japanese students as well as international students can apply to this scholarship. Students from developing world are given priority.
MEXT scholarship is one of the most generous scholarships in Japan. No Japanese language ability is needed. Applications can be done at a Japan embassy in students’ home country or through the university they applied to.
University of Tokyo offers a scholarship for self-supporting international students with a high GPA throughout their Masters or PhD studies.
KUT scholarship is called Special Scholarship Program (SSP) which is based on project work and only for PhD candidates.
APU offers tuition reduction subsidies to students who are evaluated by their essays, language skills (JLPT and TOEFL), extracurricular activities and past academic records.
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies offers scholarships in partnership with Japanese government as well as limited fellowships.
If you are interested in a short exchange program in Japan between eight days to one year, JASSO offers a monthly stipend scholarships.
As one of the most diverse graduate schools in Japan, IUJ offers tuition exemption opportunities for international students who are willing to contribute to local community and develop understanding of Japanese culture.
Waseda is one of the universities that have numerous direct scholarships for international students ranging from tuition wavers to monthly stipends of generous amounts.
ABE initiative offers scholarships for African professionals from private sector, government offices and education fields to study in Japan in majors that would boost up African industries. ABE also supports its students with internships in Japanese companies.
Innovative Asia focuses on Science, Technology and Engineering related fields and eligible 12 countries are Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam.
Research students are neither Masters nor PhD students. They can study at a Japanese university under the supervision of a Japanese professor. Usually students who don’t have enough Japanese skills to pass the graduate school exam apply to be a research student. Foreign students can stay in Japan as a “research student” for the maximum of 1 year.

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