Academic societies

Here is a list of academic organizations in Japan. When you click on the link you can see the translated version of the posts on the website of each academic society. Please kindly note that the majority of Japanese academic associations hold their gatherings in Japanese and scholars who are not members usually are not allowed to present (regardless of the quality of research). In order to be a member, the applicant must be referred by a current member of the society. Some Japanese academic societies are more flexible and do not require a membership.

“Society of Religion and Society”
15 Year War and Japan Medical and Medical Study Group
A waste society
Academia-Industry Collaboration
Academic Society
Accounting Theoretical Society
Advanced Materials Technology Association
Aesthetic Society
Agricultural buildings Society
Agricultural Information Society
Agricultural Studies Society
Agriculture and Rural Engineering Society
Agriculture Food Engineering Society
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Food Industry and Technology Development Association
Aichi Physical Therapy Association
Akita Medical Society
All Japan Acupuncture Acupoint Society
All Japan Museum Society
American Institute of Education
American Society
Animal clinical medicine society
Applied Animal Behavior Society
Applied Ecological Engineering Society
Applied Physics Society
Applied Regional Society
Applied Statistics Society
Aquaculture breeding research group
Art History Society
Asian American Literature Study Group
Asian Casting Technology History Society
Asian Cultural Studies Society
Asian Educational History Society
Asian Management Society
Asian Market Economics Association
Association of Academic Societies
Association of Asset Valuation Policy
Association of Biological Sciences Association
Association of Cultural Economics <Japan>
Association of Food and Resources Economics
Association of Natural History Society
Association of related academic societies
Association of Relations Education
Association of religious law
Astronomical education dissemination study group
Atmospheric Environment Society
Atomic Collision Society
Automotive Engineering Society
Biomechanism Society
Biomedical Fuzzy Systems Association
Black Society Research Association
Brain function and Rehabilitation Research Group
Buddhist cultural society
Buddhist thought society
Buraku Institute of Technology
Business model conference
Carbon Materials Society
Catalysis Society
Cement Association
Center for Environmental Information Science
Central History Society
Cha-no-yu Cultural Society
Chemical Engineering Society
Chemistry and Micro / Nano Systems Society
Chemistry History Society
Chiba Historical Society
Chiba Medical Society
Chiba Nursing Association
Chicken disease research group
Children and Nature Society
Children’s Environment Society
China Shikoku education society
China Shikoku Orthopedic Society
China Society of Excavations
Chinese Association of Economic Management
Chinese Culture Society
Chinese Education Association
Chinese Society of Culture
Christian History Society
Chromatographic Society
Chubu Agricultural Economics Association
Chubu Educational Society
Chubu Japan Orthopedic Surgery Disaster Surgery Society
Chugoku Shikoku Shinkinkyakai
Civil Engineering Society
Clinical Microbial Rapid Diagnostic Study Group
Cognitive Neuroscience
Color Material Association
Community Policy Association
Community Society
Comparative Constitution Society
Comparative Eye Society
Comparative Family History Society
Comparative Integrated Medical Society
Comparative law society
Comparative Urban History Study Group
Concurrent History Society
Conservation Society of Cultural Properties
Consortium for life sciences
Constitutional Society
Constitutional Theory Study Group
Contemporary Korean Academic Society
Corrosion and corrosion protection society
Costume Esthetic Society
Credit Theory Research Society
Cross-Cultural Communication Society
Cross-cultural Education Society
Cross-Cultural Management Society
Cross-cutting type science and technology research organization association
Cultural association of the form
Cultural Studies Society
D-amino acid society
Dam engineering association
Dance Institute
Democratic Scientist Association Legal Division
Dental Fundamental Medical Society
Design Society
Donan Medical Society
DV-Xα research association
Earth Electromagnetism – Earth and Planetary Sphere Society
East Asian Japanese Education · Japanese Cultural Research Society
East Asian Modern History Society
East Asian Society
East Japan Orthopedic Disaster Surgery Society
Eastern European History Study Group
Ecological Engineering Society
Economic Education
Economic Geography Society
Educational goals and evaluation society
Educational Philosophy
Electricity Engineering Technology Association
Electrochemical Society
Elementary School English Education Society
English Corpus Society
English Language and Law Grammar Society
Environment and Resource Engineering Society
Environmental Law Policy Society
Environmental Management Society
Environmental Science Association
Era Genkai
Esoteric research group
Evolutionary economics society
Explosive medicine conference
Expression Society
Extremophrenia Biology Society
Fashion Business Society
Fisheries economics conference
Fisheries Oceanographic Society
Folk Performing Arts Society
Foreign Language Education Media Society
Forest Location Association
Forest Planning Society
Forest Utilization Society
Forestry Economic Research Institute
Forestry Economics Society
Frontier Association
Fuji Society
Fukuoka Dental College Society
Fukushima Medical Society
Gender History Society
Gender law society
General Tourism Society
Geographical cooperation organization
Geographical Information Systems Association
Geography Education Study Group
Geophysical Exploration Society
Geospatial Society
Geotechnical Society
German grammar theory study group
Gifu Dental Association
Goethe natural science gathering
H · AB Research Organization
Hakusan History Society
Hard tissue regeneration biology society
Hayao society
Heidegger Forum
Hikobia Association
Hirosaki Medical Society
Hiroshima Academy of Arts
Hiroshima History Study Group
Hiroshima Philosophy
Historical Anthropological Society
Historical earthquake research group
Historical Geography Society
Historical Society
Historical Study Group
History Educator Council
History Science Council
History Society
History Study Group
Hokkaido Agricultural Economics Association
Hokkaido city regional society
Hokkaido Dental Association
Hokkaido Geographical Society
Hokkaido livestock breeding field society
Hokkaido Medical Society
Hokkaido Orthopedic Disaster Surgery Society
Hokkaido Psychological Association
Hokkaido Sociological Society
Hokkaido Sports Society
Hokuriku Pest Insect Study Group
Hokuriku Psychology
Horticultural Society
Human – Life Environmental Society
Human and Environmental Society
Human and Plant Relations Society
Human body Society
Human Geography Society
Human Interface Society
Human Resources Development Society
Human-animal relationship society
Hyogo Geography Association
Iacil Japan (International Chamber of Ireland Literature Japan Branch)
Image Electronics Society
Immigration Policy Association
Industrial Archaeological Society
Industrial Management Research Society
Industry and Organizational Psychology Association
Industry Society
Information and Communication Society
Information Communication Society
Information Computational Chemistry Biology Society
Information Culture Society
Information Knowledge Society
Information Network Law Society
Information Processing Society
Information Science and Technology Association
Information Systems Society
Inland Asian History Society
Inorganic Materials Society
Institute for Basic Economic Science
Institute of Air and Sanitation Engineering
Institute of Archeology
Institute of Arts and Regional History
Institute of Arts and Sciences
Institute of Arts and Sciences
Institute of Arts and Sciences
Institute of Asian History
Institute of Costume and Culture
Institute of Cultural Theory
Institute of Early Childhood Education
Institute of Education
Institute of Education System Information
Institute of Educational History
Institute of Educational Thought History
Institute of Electrical Engineering
Institute of Electrical Engineers
Institute of Electronics Packaging
Institute of Environmental Systems Measurement and Control
Institute of Geography Organizations
Institute of Indoor Environment
Institute of Information Society
Institute of Japanese calligraphy history
Institute of Mathematical Edu
Institute of Measurement and Language Studies
Institute of Measurement Automatic Control
Institute of Military History
Institute of Music Education History
Institute of Music Learning
Institute of Ocean Research Engineering
Institute of Philosophy of Chinese History
Institute of religion studies
Institute of statistical science
Institute of Survival Science
Institute of Systems and Control Information
Institute of Vegetation
Integrated Human Society
International accounting society
International Asian Community Society
International Asian Culture Society
International Association for Environmental Studies
International Business Communication Society
International Business Research Association
International Chromosomal Plant Society
International Costume Association
International Dental Research Association Japan Section
International Development Association
International Fisheries Society
International Gender Society
International Law Association
International Law Society
International Mathematical Science Association
International P2M Society
International Public Economics Association
International Security Association
International Society for Accounting Research
International Society for Cultural Expression
International Society for Strategic Management Studies
International Student Education Society
International Ukiyo-e Art Society
International Volunteer Society
International Women’s Sports Society
Interpretation conference
Island Community Association
Italian Society
Iwate Medical Society
Iwate Medical University Dental Association
Japan “Asian English” Society
Japan 18th Century Society
Japan Abdominal Emergency Medical Society
Japan Academy of Nursing
Japan Acarina Society
Japan Accelerator Society
Japan Accounting History Society
Japan Accounting Research Society
Japan Acoustical Society
Japan Active Fault Society
Japan Adapted Physical Education and Sports Society
Japan Adhesion Biology Society
Japan Adhesive Dental Association
Japan Advertising Society
Japan AEM Society
Japan Aerosol Society
Japan Aerospace Biological Society
Japan Aerospace Environ- ment Association
Japan Africa Society
Japan Agricultural Chemistry Society
Japan Agricultural Economics Association
Japan Agricultural Education Society
Japan Agricultural Engineering Society
Japan Agricultural History Society
Japan Agricultural Management Society
Japan Agricultural Market Society
Japan Agricultural Meteorological Society
Japan Agricultural Society
Japan Agriculture Extension Society
Japan AIDS Society
Japan Alcohol and Drug Medicine Society
Japan American History Society
Japan American Literature Society
Japan Analytical Chemistry
Japan Android Society
Japan Animal Cell Engineering Society
Japan Animation Society
Japan Antimicrobial and Anti-Mildew
Japan Apheresis Society
Japan Applied Animal Society of Entomology
Japan Applied Economics Society
Japan Applied Educational Psychology
Japan Applied Gerontological Society
Japan Applied Glycotechnical Society
Japan Applied Mathematical Society
Japan Archaeological Society
Japan Archives Society
Japan Area Welfare Society
Japan Aromatherapy Society
Japan Arrhythmography Electrocardiogram
Japan arthroscope · knee · sports orthopedics conference
Japan Asia Association
Japan Association for Compensation Science
Japan Association for International Economic Law
Japan Association for Living Instruction
Japan Association for Suicide Prevention
Japan Association of Agricultural Law
Japan Association of Laboratory Animal Engineers
Japan Association of Rehabilitation Medicine
Japan Astronomical Society
Japan Athletics Association
Japan Atomic Energy Society
Japan Atomic Energy Society
Japan Auditory Medicine Society
Japan Austrian Literature Society
Japan Autobese Transfusion Society
Japan Autonomic Society
Japan Autonomous Training Society
Japan Aviation Society
Japan Bacteriological Society
Japan Behavioral Medical Society
Japan Bifidus Bacteria Center
Japan Bio Rheology Society
Japan Bio-Imaging Society
Japan Biochemical Society
Japan Biofeedback Society
Japan Biogeographical Society
Japan Bioinformatics Society
Japan Biological and Environmental Engineering Society
Japan Biological Education Society
Japan Biological Psychiatric Association
Japan Biomaterials Society
Japan Biomechanics Society
Japan Biomedical Engineering Society
Japan Biophysical Society
Japan Biosafety Association
Japan Biotechnology Society
Japan Brain Science Institute
Japan Brain Tumor Pathology Society
Japan Branch of the International Geosynthetics Society
Japan Branch of the International Law Association
Japan Breeding Biology Society
Japan Breeding Society
Japan Brief Psychotherapy Society
Japan Brief Therapy Association
Japan British Philosophical Society
Japan Bronte Association
Japan Buddhist Education Society
Japan Buddhist Society
Japan Business Management Society
Japan Business Mathematical Society
Japan Business Practice Society
Japan Canada Society
Japan Cancer Nursing Association
Japan Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Society
Japan Cardiovascular Society
Japan Cardiovascular Surgery Society
Japan Care and Welfare Society
Japan Career Design Society
Japan Casting Engineering Society
Japan Cave Society
Japan Chest Surgery Society
Japan Child Care Association
Japan Child Endocrine Society
Japan childhood children Health Education Society
Japan Children Orthopedic Society
Japan Children’s Blood and Cancer Society
Japan Children’s Cardiovascular Society
Japan Children’s Health Association
Japan Children’s Health Science Association (Association for thinking about mind, body and environment of children)
Japan Children’s Oral Surgery Society
Japan Children’s Otolaryngology Society
Japan Children’s Psychosomatic Medical Association
Japan Children’s Youth Psychiatric Association
Japan China Archeology Society
Japan China Society
Japan Chitin / Chitosan Association
Japan Christian Education Society
Japan Christianity Studies Society
Japan Civil Proceedings Law Association
Japan Classification Society
Japan Classification Society Association
Japan Clinical Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
Japan clinical actions Society
Japan Clinical Death and Life Society
Japan Clinical Education Society
Japan Clinical Embryo audiologist Society
Japan Clinical Health Inspection engineer Board
Japan Clinical Hypnosis Society
Japan Clinical Laboratory Medicine
Japan Clinical molecular form Society
Japan Clinical monitor Society
Japan Clinical Neurophysiology Society
Japan Clinical Oral Pathology Society
Japan Clinical periodontal disease Society
Japan Clinical Pharmacology Association
Japan Clinical Physiological Society
Japan Clinical Political Science Association
Japan Clinical Psychological Association
Japan Clinical Psychology body movement Society
Japan Clinical Society for Microbiology
Japan Clinical Society of Anesthesiologists
Japan Clinical Society of Biomechanics
Japan Clinical Sports Medicine
Japan Coaching Society
Japan Coastal Area Society
Japan Coastal Forestry Society
Japan Cognitive and Behavior Therapy Association
Japan Cognitive Psychology Association
Japan Cognitive Science Association
Japan Cognitive Therapy · Cognitive Behavior Therapy Association
Japan Cold Medical Society
Japan Collaborative Education
Japan Colorectomy Association
Japan Commerce Association
Japan Communication Association
Japan Comparative Education Society
Japan Comparative Endocrine Society
Japan Comparative Literature Society
Japan Comparative Management Society
Japan Comparative Physiological and Biochemical Society
Japan Comparative Political Science Association
Japan Complementary and Alternative Medicine Society
Japan Complementary Society
Japan Computational Engineering Society
Japan Computational Science and Engineering Association
Japan Computer Statistics Association
Japan Computer Surgical Society
Japan Concrete Engineering Society
Japan Construction Machinery Construction Association
Japan Consumer Behavior Research Society
Japan Consumer Economics Association
Japan Consumer Education Society
Japan Contact Lens Society
Japan Contemporary Chinese Society
Japan Cookery Science Association
Japan Cooperative Association
Japan Coral Reef Society
Japan Coronary Artery Surgery Society
Japan Cosmetics Association
Japan Cosmetics Engineering Association
Japan Cost Accounting Research Society
Japan counseling society
Japan Cranial Nerve CI Society
Japan Creative Society
Japan Criminal Law Association
Japan Criminal Society
Japan Crop Science Society
Japan Crystal Growth Association
Japan Crystal Society
Japan Curriculum Society
Japan Dairy Science Society
Japan Darc Rose Music Education Society
Japan Database Society
Japan Day Care and Health Council
Japan DDS Society
Japan Defense Association
Japan Dental Association
Japan Dental Association Association
Japan Dental Pharmacotherapy Society
Japan Dental Science and Engineering Association
Japan Desert Society
Japan Design Engineering Society
Japan Development Engineering Society
Japan Dewey Society
Japan Diabetes Education and Nursing Association
Japan Diabetes Eye Society
Japan Diabetes Society
Japan Diagram Society
Japan dialect research group
Japan Digital Game Society
Japan Disabled Persons Dentistry Association
Japan Disaster Reconstruction Association
Japan Disclosure Research Association
Japan Distribution Society
Japan Dizziness Equilibrium Medical Society
Japan DNA Polymorphism Society
Japan drawing test / drawing therapy conference
Japan drug Epidemiological Association
Japan Earth and Planetary Science Association
Japan Earthquake Engineering Society
Japan Ecological Psychology Association
Japan Ecological Society
Japan Economic Association
Japan Economic Law Association
Japan Economic Policy Society
Japan Economic Thought History Society
Japan Educational Administration Society
Japan Educational Information Society
Japan Educational Institute
Japan Educational Law Association
Japan Educational Management Society
Japan Educational Media Association
Japan Educational Medical Society
Japan Educational Society
Japan Educational Technology Association
Japan Electrophoresis Society
Japan Embryo Transplant Study Group
Japan EMDR Society
Japan Emergency Medical Society
Japan Endocrine Society
Japan Energy Society
Japan Engineering Education Association
Japan Engineering Society
Japan English Communication Association
Japan English Culture Society
Japan Entomological Society
Japan Environment Association
Japan Environmental Animal Entomological Society
Japan Environmental Education Society
Japan Environmental Infection Society
Japan Environmental Mutagen Society
Japan Epidemiological Society
Japan Epidemiological Society
Japan Epilepsy Society
Japan Equine Science Association
Japan ergonomics society
Japan Ethical Society
Japan EU Association
Japan Evaluation Society
Japan Evolution Congress
Japan Exchange Analysis Society
Japan Exhibition Society
Japan Experimental Animal Environment Study Group
Japan External Fixation · Bone Extension Society
Japan External Trade Association
Japan Family Education Society
Japan Farm Work Association
Japan Fertilization Clinic Society
Japan Fiber Textile Society
Japan Fichte Association
Japan Finance Society
Japan Fire Association
Japan Fiscal Law Association
Japan Fiscal Policy Association
Japan Fluid Power System Society
Japan Food and Microbial Society
Japan Food Chemistry Society
Japan Food Engineering Society
Japan Food Hygiene Association
Japan Food Safety Council
Japan Food Science and Technology Association
Japan Food Services Society
Japan Food System Association
Japan Foot Surgery Society
Japan Forestry Society
Japan Foundation for Aging Council
Japan French French Literature Society
Japan French Language Education Society
Japan French Language Society
Japan Gas Turbine Society
Japan Gaskell Association
Japan Gastrointestinal Cancer Screening Society
Japan Gender Society
Japan General Hospital Psychiatric Association
Japan General Medical Society Medical Society
Japan Generics Pharmaceutical and Biosimilar Society
Japan Genetic Counseling Society
Japan Geodetic Society
Japan Geographic Education Society
Japan Geographical Society
Japan Geoinformatics Society
Japan Geomorphological Association
Japan George Eliot Association
Japan Geoscience Education Society
Japan Geothermal Society
Japan Geriatric Behavioral Science Society
Japan Geriatric Dental Medicine
Japan Geriatric Nursing Society
Japan Geriatric Social Science Society
Japan Geriatric Urological Association
Japan Geriatrics Society
Japan Glaucoma Society
Japan Global Education Society
Japan Goethe Association
Japan Golf Society
Japan Grape Wine Society
Japan greening Engineering Society
Japan Groundwater Society
Japan Group · Dynamics Society
Japan Growth and Development Association
Japan Handball Association
Japan Hardy Association
Japan Health and Medical Behavior Science Association
Japan Health and Society Society
Japan Health and Welfare Society
Japan Health Behavior Society Association
Japan Health Consultation Activity Society
Japan Health Economics Association
Japan Health Education Association
Japan Health Medical Society
Japan Health Physical Society
Japan Health Promotion Society
Japan Health Promotion Society of Physical Therapy
Japan Health Psychology Association
Japan Health Science Association
Japan Health Science Association
Japan Heart Failure Society
Japan Heat Treatment Technology Association
Japan Hegel Society
Japan Hemingway Association
Japan Hemorheological Society
Japan Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgery Association
Japan High Pressure Society
Japan High Pressure Technology Association
Japan History Association
Japan Home Care Association
Japan Hospital · Regional Psychiatry Association
Japan Hospitality Management Society
Japan Hot Spring Climate Physical Medicine Society
Japan Human Care Psychology Association
Japan Human Cytology Society
Japan Hyperthermic Society
Japan Hypnosis Association
Japan Hypnotic Medical Psychology Association
Japan Image Psychology Association
Japan Imaging Medicine Society
Japan Imaging Society
Japan Immigration Society
Japan Industrial Animal Veterinary Society
Japan Industrial Education Society
Japan Industrial Relations Research Association
Japan Industry Stress Association
Japan Infectious Disease Association
Japan Infectious Disease Association
Japan Inflammation and Regenerative Medicine Society
Japan Information and Archeology Society
Japan Information Directory Association
Japan Information Management Society
Japan Information Science Education Society
Japan Insect Science Association
Japan Inspection Training Association
Japan Institute of Teaching Material
Japan Insurance Association
Japan Insurance Medical Society
Japan Intellectual Association Buddhist Society
Japan Intellectual Property Society
Japan Intelligence Informatics Fuzzy Society
Japan Intensive Care Medicine Society
Japan Intergenerational Exchange Society
Japan Interior Society
Japan Interior Visual Society
Japan Internal Medicine Society
Japan International Association of Political Science
Japan International Culture Society
Japan International Development Association
Japan International Economic Association
Japan International Education Society
Japan International Information Informatics Association
Japan International Tourist Society
Japan International Understanding Education Society
Japan Internship Society
Japan Interpretation Translation Society
Japan Intravenous Enteral Nutrition Society
Japan Ion Exchange Society
Japan Iron and Steel Institute
Japan Island Association
Japan Isotope Association
Japan James Joyce Association
Japan Jaspers Association
Japan Johnson Association
Japan Judo Rehabilitation Oriental medicine society
Japan Jung Psychological Association
Japan K – ABC Assessment Society
Japan Kant Association
Japan Labor and Social Society
Japan Labor Law Society
Japan Labor Society
Japan Lactic Acid Bacteria Society
Japan Landscape Ecological Society
Japan Landslide Society
Japan Laryngoscientific Society
Japan Laser Medicine
Japan Laser teeth Society
Japan Latin America Society
Japan Lawrence Association
Japan LCA Society
Japan LD Society
Japan Leather Technical Association
Japan Leisure and Recreation Society
Japan Lepidoptera Society
Japan Leprosy Society
Japan Lewis Carroll Society
Japan Liberation Society Association
Japan Library and Information Science Association
Japan Library Cultural History Study Group
Japan Library Research Group
Japan Life Studies · Comprehensive Learning Education Society
Japan Lifestyle Support Engineering Society
Japan Limnology Society
Japan Lipid Biochemical Society
Japan Lipid Nutrition Society
Japan Liquid Crystal Chemistry Society
Japan Liquid Crystal Society
Japan Local Autonomy Society
Japan Local Finance Association
Japan Logistics Systems Association
Japan Lung Cancer Society
Japan Lung Surfactant · Institute of Interdisciplinary Medicine
Japan Macroengineering Society
Japan Malaysia Society
Japan Management Association
Japan Management Society
Japan Map Association
Japan Marine Engineering Society
Japan Maritime Ocean Engineering Society
Japan Marketing and Science Society
Japan Marketing Society
Japan Mass Communication Association
Japan Materials Testing Technology Association
Japan Maternal Health Society
Japan Mathematical Education
Japan Media English Society
Japan Medical and Pharmaceutical Society
Japan Medical Association Society
Japan Medical Education Society
Japan Medical Hospital Management Society
Japan Medical Imaging Engineering Society
Japan Medical Informatics Society
Japan Medical Information Management Society
Japan Medical Management Society
Japan Medical Mass Spectrum Society
Japan Medical Nutrition Society
Japan Medical Philosophy · Ethics Society
Japan Medical Radiation Technical Association
Japan Medical Social Welfare Society
Japan Medical Society
Japan Medieval English English Literary Society
Japan Mental Health and Welfare Society
Japan Mental Health Nursing Association
Japan Mesenatorial Association
Japan Metal Society
Japan Micro Counseling Society
Japan Microbial Ecology Society
Japan Microbiology Association
Japan Microgravity Applied Society
Japan Micronutrient Society
Japan Microsurgery Society
Japan Middle East Society
Japan Mineral Society Association
Japan Mitochondrial Society
Japan Mixed Fluidity Society
Japan Modern Literature Society
Japan Mongolia Society
Japan Montessori Association
Japan Moral Education Method Society
Japan Moral Education Society
Japan Morita Therapy Society
Japan Mountain Examination Society
Japan MRS
Japan Municipal Crisis Management Society
Japan Museum Management Society
Japan Music Education Society
Japan Mycotoxin Society
Japan Nathaniel Hawthorne Association
Japan Natural Disaster Society
Japan Navigation Society
Japan Negotiation Society
Japan Neural Network Society
Japan Neuropathology Society
Japan Neurophthalmological Society
Japan Neuropsychopharmacology Association
Japan Neuroscience Nursing Association
Japan Neuroscience Society
Japan Neutron Science Association
Japan Newborn Breeding Medical Society
Japan NIE Society
Japan Nile Ethiopia Society
Japan Nondestructive Inspection Association
Japan NPO Association
Japan Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Society
Japan Nuclear Medical Society
Japan Nursery Association
Japan Nursing Association Association
Japan Nursing Diagnostic Association
Japan Nursing Science Education Society
Japan Nursing Welfare Society
Japan Nutrition and Food Society
Japan Obesity Society
Japan Occupational and Disaster Medical Society
Japan Occupational Therapist Association
Japan Ocean Engineering Society
Japan Ocean Policy Society
Japan Oceanic Society
Japan Oceanographic Society
Japan Office Society
Japan Oil Chemists’ Society
Japan Ombudsman Society
Japan Operations Research Society
Japan Ophthalmic Surgery Society
Japan Oral and Internal Medicine Society
Japan Oral and Pharyngeal Science Society
Japan Oral Functional Water Society
Japan Oral History Society
Japan Oral Hygiene Association
Japan Oral Implant Society
Japan Oral Oncology Society
Japan Oral Rehabilitation Society
Japan Oral Society Society
Japan Oral Surgery Society
Japan Orfu Music Education Study Group
Japan Organ Conservation Biomedical Association
Japan Organic Agriculture Society
Japan organic Earth Society
Japan Orient Society
Japan Oriental Medical Society
Japan Orthodontic Dental Association
Japan Orthodontic Society
Japan Orthodontic Society
Japan Orthopedic Society
Japan Orthopedic Surgery Sports Medicine Society
Japan Otaku Association
Japan Otolaryngology & Immunology Allergy Society
Japan Otolaryngology Society
Japan Outdoor Education Society
Japan ova Society
Japan Packaging Institute
Japan Pain Clinic Society
Japan Painting Technology Association
Japan Pancake Society
Japan Parasitology Society
Japan Pathological Society
Japan PDA Pharmaceutical Association
Japan Pediatric Dentistry Association
Japan Pediatric Emergency Medical Society
Japan Pediatric Neurosurgery Society
Japan Pediatric Ophthalmological Society
Japan Pedology Institute
Japan Peer Support Association
Japan Pension Society
Japan Peptide Society
Japan Personality Psychology Association
Japan Pestalozzi · Froevelische Society
Japan Pestology Society
Japan Pet Nutrition Society
Japan Pharmaceutical Communication Association
Japan pharmacokinetics Society
Japan Phonetic Society
Japan Photochemical Society
Japan Photogrammetrics Society
Japan Photographic Society
Japan Physical Education and Sports Management Society
Japan Physical Education and Sports Policy Society
Japan Physical Fitness Association
Japan Physical Society
Japan Physics Education Society
Japan Physiological Anthropological Society
Japan Physiological Psychology Association
Japan Physiological Society
Japan Piano Education League
Japan pig Society
Japan Pituitary Body Workshop
Japan Planetary Science Society
Japan Plankton Society
Japan Planning Administration Society
Japan Plant and Human Factor Society
Japan Plant Cell Molecular Biology Society
Japan Plastic Processing Society
Japan Play Therapy Society
Japan Pollen Society
Japan Popular Music Society
Japan Port Economic Society
Japan positron Science Society
Japan Poultry Society
Japan prevalence dentistry Society
Japan Primary Care Association Society
Japan primates Society
Japan Printing Society
Japan Process Chemistry Council
Japan Production Management Society
Japan Prosthetic Society for Orthostria
Japan Prosthetics Orthotist Association
Japan psychoanalysis society
Japan Psychological Association of Japan
Japan Psychology Clinical Society
Japan Psychopathology Society
Japan Psychosomatic Medical Associ
Japan Psychosomatic Medicine Society
Japan Public Policy Society
Japan Publishing Society
Japan Puritanism Society
Japan Qualitative Psychology Association
Japan Quaternary Society
Japan Radiation Effect Society
Japan Radiation Oncology Society
Japan Radiation Safety Management Society
Japan Radiological Society
Japan Radiological Society
Japan Radiological Society of Radiology
Japan Radiological Technology Society
Japan Railway Technical Association
Japan Reading Society
Japan Real Estate Society
Japan Regenerative Medicine Association
Japan Regional Nursing Association
Japan Regional Policy Society
Japan Regional Political Science Association · Japan Political Science Association
Japan Regional Society
Japan Rehabilitation cooperation Science Society
Japan Rehabilitation Engineering Association
Japan Rehabilitation Network Research Association
Japan rehabilitation Tay Deployment Psychological Association
Japan Reliability Society
Japan Religious Studies Society
Japan remedial education Society
Japan Reproductive Medicine Association
Japan Respiratory Society
Japan Respiratory Surgery Society
Japan Respiratory Therapy Medical Society
Japan Resuscitation Society
Japan Retinitis Vitreous Society
Japan Risk Management Society
Japan Risk Research Society
Japan rocket Association
Japan Romance Studies Association
Japan Rorschach Association through comprehensive system
Japan Rorschach Society
Japan Rubber Association
Japan Rural Life Society
Japan Rural Medical Society
Japan Russian Literature Society
Japan Rust Proof Technology Association
Japan Safety Education Associ
Japan Schering Association
Japan School Business Management Association
Japan School Child Care Conference
Japan school nurse Education Society
Japan School of Education
Japan Schopenhauer Association
Japan Science Education Society
Japan Science Philosophical Society
Japan Scientific Conference
Japan Sedimentary Society
Japan Selective Theory Psychology Association
Japan Sensory Engineering Society
Japan Sensory Evaluation Society
Japan Sewer Association
Japan Shakespeare Association
Japan Shipping Association of Shipping
Japan Shock Society
Japan Shoulder Arthroplasty Society
Japan Simulation & Gaming Society
Japan Simulation Society
Japan Ski Association
Japan Slab Eastern European Society
Japan Sleep Society
Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Society
Japan Small Animal Veterinary Society
Japan Smooth Muscle Society
Japan Snow and Ice Society
Japan snow Engineering Society
Japan Social Education Society
Japan Social Pathology Society
Japan Social Security Law Association
Japan Social Studies Education Society
Japan Social Work Society
Japan Society Analysis Society
Japan Society for Animal Experiment Alternative Law
Japan Society for Applied Geological Society
Japan Society for Audit Research
Japan Society for Basic Studies of Art
Japan Society for Behavior Analysis
Japan Society for Behavior Sciences
Japan Society for Bone Metabolism
Japan Society for Business Accounting
Japan Society for Business Analysis
Japan Society for Business Practice Research
Japan Society for Cardiovascular Mediators
Japan Society for Civil Education
Japan Society for Comparative Culture
Japan Society for Composite Materials
Japan Society for Computer Coupling
Japan Society for Congenital Metabolic Inference
Japan Society for Congested Anomalies
Japan Society for Developmental Disorders Assistance
Japan Society for Disease Prevention System
Japan Society for Educational Method
Japan Society for Environmental Chemistry
Japan Society for Environmental Symbiosis
Japan Society for Environmental Toxicity
Japan Society for Financial Management
Japan Society for Immunology
Japan Society for Industrial Technology and History
Japan Society for Infant Education
Japan Society for International Health and Medicine
Japan Society for Kansei Social Welfare
Japan Society for Livestock Management
Japan Society for Local Autonomy Research
Japan Society for Low Perspective Society
Japan Society for Management Accounting
Japan Society for Management Diagnosis
Japan Society for Management Finance Studies
Japan Society for Management System Management
Japan Society for Material Strength
Japan Society for Materials Science
Japan Society for Materials Science
Japan Society for Measurement History
Japan Society for Microscopy
Japan Society for Music Perception and Cognition
Japan Society for Nursing Management
Japan Society for Occupational Health
Japan Society for Quality Control
Japan Society for Risk Management
Japan Society for Science and Technology
Japan Society for Science and Technology History
Japan Society for Science Education
Japan Society for Scientific History
Japan Society for Security Management
Japan Society for Sex Sciences
Japan Society for Special Activity
Japan Society for Stress Management
Japan Society for Technological History Education
Japan Society for Testing Zoology
Japan Society for Tropical Agriculture
Japan Society for Urban Plan
Japan Society of Actinomycetosis
Japan Society of Amino Acids
Japan Society of Animal Behavior
Japan Society of Animal Genetics and Breeding
Japan Society of Animal Health
Japan Society of Animal Husbandry
Japan Society of Animal Nursing
Japan Society of Animal Psychology
Japan Society of Animal Taxonom
Japan Society of Applied Algae
Japan Society of Applied Psychology
Japan Society of Arteriosclerosis
Japan Society of Artificial Organs
Japan Society of Behavioral Metrology
Japan Society of Bone Morphometry
Japan Society of Burn Injury
Japan Society of Cancer Therapy
Japan Society of Carbohydrates
Japan Society of Cardiology
Japan Society of Cardiovascular Interventional Therapy
Japan Society of Cataract Society
Japan Society of Child Society
Japan Society of Children’s Literature
Japan Society of Children’s Nephrology
Japan Society of Chronic Nursing
Japan Society of Clinical Chemistry
Japan Society of Clinical Immunology
Japan Society of Clinical Linguistics Society
Japan Society of Clinical Surgery
Japan Society of Clinical Virology
Japan Society of Continuing Education
Japan Society of Cosmetic Surgery
Japan Society of Criminal Society
Japan Society of Critical Psychosocial Disorders
Japan Society of Dementia
Japan Society of Dental Techniques
Japan Society of Depression
Japan Society of Digestive Absorption
Japan Society of Disaster Nursing
Japan Society of drug
Japan Society of Early Dementia
Japan Society of Echocardiography
Japan Society of Educational Practice
Japan Society of Educational Soci
Japan Society of Emotional Psychology
Japan Society of Fishes and Diseases
Japan Society of Fracture Therapy
Japan Society of Gastroenterology
Japan Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Japan Society of German Literature
Japan Society of Higher Education
Japan Society of Higher Order Brain Dysfunction
Japan Society of Hispania
Japan Society of Human Care Science
Japan Society of Human Dock
Japan Society of Humanity and Psychology
Japan Society of Humic Substances
Japan Society of Industrial Economics
Japan Society of Industrial Technology Education
Japan Society of Infectious Diseases
Japan Society of Infectious Diseases of Infants
Japan Society of Intractable Nursing
Japan Society of Jaw Deformity
Japan Society of Law & Science and Technology
Japan Society of learning Learning
Japan Society of Lifelong Sports
Japan Society of Linguistics
Japan Society of Mandibular Oral Function
Japan Society of Mass Spectrom
Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
Japan Society of Medical Devices
Japan Society of Mental Health
Japan Society of Mental Health Studies
Japan Society of Microbial Resources
Japan Society of Mountain Culture
Japan Society of Nephrology
Japan Society of Neurosurgery
Japan Society of Nursing Science
Japan Society of Nursing Technology
Japan Society of Occlusal Society
Japan Society of Occlusal Society
Japan Society of Occupational Therapy
Japan Society of Optics Society
Japan Society of Oral Surgery
Japan Society of Pain Musculoskeletal Pain
Japan Society of Pediatric Nursing
Japan Society of Pediatric Radiation
Japan Society of Pediatric Surgery
Japan Society of Pediatrics
Japan Society of Pharmaceutical Society
Japan Society of Physical Therapy
Japan Society of Plant Morphology
Japan Society of Plant Pathology
Japan Society of Plant Taxonom
Japan Society of Plastic Surgery
Japan Society of Public Law
Japan Society of Quantitative Biology
Japan Society of Rainwater Recycling Systems
Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers
Japan Society of Regenerative Dentistry
Japan Society of Regional Economics
Japan Society of Reproductive Immunity
Japan Society of Respiratory Endoscopy
Japan Society of Rheology
Japan Society of Salivary Glands
Japan Society of Special Education
Japan Society of Spoken Linguist Medical
Japan Society of Sports Law
Japan Society of Sports Management
Japan Society of Sports Motive
Japan Society of Sports Science
Japan Society of Sports Society
Japan Society of Teacher Studies
Japan Society of Thermophysical Properties
Japan Society of Transportation Science
Japan Society of Ultrasonic Medicine
Japan Society of Ultrasonography
Japan Society of Vascular Surgery
Japan Society of Virology
Japan Society of Visual Society
Japan Software Science Association
Japan Soil and Zoology Society
Japan Soil Fertilizer Society
Japan Soil Microbiology Association
Japan Solar Energy Society
Japan Solow Society
Japan solvent extraction Society
Japan Sonochemistry Society
Japan Sorath Law Association
Japan Sound Control Engineering Society
Japan Southern Asian Institute
Japan Special Needs Education Society
Japan Sports and Gender Society
Japan Sports Anthropological Society
Japan Sports Dental Association
Japan Sports Education Society
Japan Sports Industry Association
Japan Sports Psychology Association
Japan spraying Society
Japan Sprint Association
Japan stable isotope · Biogas medicine application society
Japan Statistical Society
Japan Steel Structure Association
Japan Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgical Society
Japan Stoma · Excretion Rehabilitation Society
Japan Stress Association
Japan Stroke Society
Japan Student Consultation Society
Japan Student Guidance Institute
Japan Studies Dermatological Society
Japan Surface Science Association
Japan Surgical Medical Society
Japan Survey Institute
Japan Swine Disease Research Group
Japan Symbol Society
Japan Synchrotron Radiation Soci
Japan Taiwan Society
Japan Taoism Association
Japan Taste and Odor Society
Japan Tax Association
Japan Taxation Theory Society
Japan Teacher Education Society
Japan Telephone Consultation Society
Japan Telework Society
Japan Tennis Institute
Japan Textile Machinery Society
Japan Textile Products Consumption Science Association
Japan Thai Association
Japan theory Psychological Association
Japan Thermology Society
Japan Thrombohemorrhagic Society
Japan Tibet Society
Japan Time Society
Japan Tourism Hospitality Education Society
Japan Tourism Research Society
Japan Tourism Society
Japan Toxicology Society
Japan Trace Element Society
Japan Tracheoesophageal Society Association
Japan Training Society
Japan transfusion and cellular therapy Society
Japan Transplant Society
Japan Transport Law Society
Japan Transport Medical Society
Japan Transport Psychology Association
Japan Transport Society
Japan trauma conference
Japan Tribology Society
Japan Tropical Ecological Society
Japan Tropical Livestock Industry Association
Japan Tropical Medicine Society
Japan Tuberculosis Association
Japan UK Children’s Literature Association
Japan vaccine Society
Japan Vacuum Society
Japan Vascular Society
Japan Vegetarian Society
Japan Venture Society
Japan Veterinary Anesthetic Surgery Society
Japan Veterinary Association
Japan Veterinary Cardiovascular Society
Japan Veterinary Clinical Pathology Society
Japan Veterinary Dermatology Society
Japan Veterinary Diagnostic Society
Japan Veterinary Public Health Association
Japan Veterinary Society
Japan Victorian Cultural Research Society
Japan Virginia Woolf Association
Japan Virtual Reality Society
Japan Vitamin Society
Japan Vocational Rehabilitation Society
Japan Volcanological Society
Japan Volleyball Association
Japan Walking Society
Japan Water Environment Association
Japan Water Jet Society
Japan Water Supply Association
Japan Water Treatment Biology Society
Japan Welfare and Culture Society
Japan Welfare and Psychology Association
Japan Welfare Community Planning Society
Japan Welfare Education and Volunteer Learning Society
Japan Welfare Engineering Society
Japan West Asia Archaeological Society
Japan Western History Society
Japan Wetland Society
Japan Whitehead Process Association
Japan Wild silk Society
Japan Wildlife Medicine
Japan William Faulkner Association
Japan Wind Energy Society
Japan Wind Engineering Society
Japan Women Scientists’ Association
Japan Women’s Health Society
Japan Women’s Medical Science Association
Japan Women’s Physical Federation
Japan Women’s Psychosomatic Medical Society
Japan Wood Preserving Association
Japan wood processing technology Association
Japan wood Society
Japan Working Behavior Society
Japan Wound · Ostomy · Incontinence Management Society
Japan Yates Association
Japan Youth Psychology Association
Japan Zeolite Society
Japan-China Society Association
Japan-France Education Society
Japanese Academy of Infectious Disease
Japanese Administrative Association
Japanese Ancient Society Society
Japanese and French Oceanographic Society
Japanese Anthropological Society
Japanese Architectural Institute
Japanese Association for Cultural Properties
Japanese Association for Famous History
Japanese Bird Society
Japanese Buddhist Social Welfare Society
Japanese Budo Society
Japanese Business Management Society
Japanese Career Education
Japanese Cataract Disease Surgery Society
Japanese Catholic Education Society
Japanese Child Family Welfare Society
Japanese Children’s Allergy Society
Japanese Chinese Society
Japanese Christian Literature Society
Japanese Cognitive Linguistics Society
Japanese College of Technology
Japanese Colonial Study Group
Japanese condominium society
Japanese Cranio-maxillofacial Surgery Society
Japanese crustacean society
Japanese Cultural Anthropological Society
Japanese dental care and welfare society
Japanese Dental Oriental Medicine Society
Japanese dental psychosomatic medicine society
Japanese Dental University Dentistry Society
Japanese dentist’s history society
Japanese Design Society
Japanese Election Society
Japanese English Educational History Society
Japanese English Expression Society
Japanese English Language Association
Japanese English Society
Japanese English Speech Society
Japanese Family <Society and Law> Society
Japanese Family History Society
Japanese Family Nursing Association
Japanese Family Psychology Association
Japanese family research and family therapy conference
Japanese Family Society Association
Japanese Folk Music Society
Japanese Folklore Architecture Society
Japanese Food Society
Japanese Forensic Society
Japanese Garden Society
Japanese Gout and Nucleic Acid Metabolism Society
Japanese Grammar Society
Japanese Grassland Society
Japanese Gymnastics Association
Japanese Gymnastics Gymnastics and Mechanical Kinematics Society
Japanese History Society
Japanese history study group
Japanese Home Economics Education Society
Japanese Home Economics Society
Japanese Human Relations Association
Japanese Industrial Property Law Association
Japanese Industry Counseling Society
Japanese insect taxonomical society
Japanese Institute of Commerce
Japanese Institute of Folk Tools
Japanese Landscape Architecture Society
Japanese Language Education Society
Japanese Language Education Society
Japanese Language Policy Association
Japanese Language Test Society
Japanese Law Philosophical Association
Japanese law review poisoning society
Japanese Law Society
Japanese Law Society
Japanese lichen scholarship
Japanese Life and Cultural History Society
Japanese lingual orthodontic society
Japanese Linguistics Society
Japanese Literature Society
Japanese Livestock Clinical Society
Japanese Logistics Society
Japanese Manga Society
Japanese maxillofacial prosthesis society
Japanese Medical Fungism Society
Japanese Medical History Society
Japanese medicine conference of medicine
Japanese Mushrooms Society
Japanese Nose Society Association
Japanese Oral and Literature Society
Japanese Organic Chemistry Congress
Japanese Organization Conformity Association
Japanese Pesticide Society
Japanese Physical Education Measurement Association
Japanese Physical Therapy Association
Japanese Political Science Association
Japanese Population Society
Japanese practical English conference
Japanese Prosthodontic Society
Japanese Puberty Society
Japanese Rheumatology Association
Japanese School Counseling Society
Japanese School Emergency Nursing Association
Japanese School Health Association
Japanese School Health Consultation Society
Japanese School Library Association
Japanese School Mental Health Association
Japanese School of Educational Consultation
Japanese School Psychology Association
Japanese School Social Work Society
Japanese Social Psychology Association
Japanese Social Welfare Society
Japanese Society
Japanese Society Accounting Society
Japanese Society for Cultural Education
Japanese Society for English Language History
Japanese Society for Functional Therapy
Japanese Society for Human Rights Education Research
Japanese Society for Molecular Target Therapy
Japanese Society for Music Expression
Japanese Society for Nursing Research
Japanese Society for Nutrition Improvement
Japanese Society for Occupational Health
Japanese Society for Occupational Therapy Research
Japanese Society for Rural Studies
Japanese Society for Thought History
Japanese Society of Allergology
Japanese Society of Art Therapy
Japanese Society of Dental Anesthesia
Japanese Society of Dental Education
Japanese Society of Dental Health Management
Japanese Society of Endodontist Therapy
Japanese Society of Head and Neck Cancer
Japanese Society of Head and Neck Surgery
Japanese Society of Literature
Japanese Society of Mathematical Biology
Japanese Society of Mathematical History
Japanese Society of Medical Society
Japanese Society of Music Education Practice
Japanese Society of Music Therapy
Japanese Society of Neurosurgery and Emergency Society
Japanese Society of Nursing Medical Care
Japanese Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology Endoscopic Society
Japanese Society of Periodontal Diseases
Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists
Japanese Society of Sign Language
Japanese Society of Stroke Surgery
Japanese Society of Surgery Association
Japanese Society of TMJ
Japanese Society of Toxicology and Pathology
Japanese Society Psychiatric Association
Japanese Sociological History Society
Japanese Sociological Society
Japanese Spinal Surgery Society
Japanese Sports Association
Japanese Sports Philosophy and Philosophy
Japanese Stylistic Society Society
Japanese Tea Industry Association
Japanese Theater Society
Japanese Vocal Music Society
Japanese Watch Society
Japanese Weed Science Society
Japanese Written Literature Society
Japanese-English / English Education Society
Japanese-English education conference
Japanese-French Management Society
Japanese-French Political Science Association
Japanese-style physical strength Society
Japonisme Society
Kamakura Welfare Research Group
Kanazawa University School of Medicine Society
Kansai Education Society
Kansai Ethical Society
Kansai Pest insurance research group
Kansai Sociological Association
Kansai Venture Society
Kanto Animal Husbandry Society
Kanto Educational Society
Kanto Era Modern History Study Group
Kanto Forestry Society
Kanto Higashiyama pest insect workshop
Kanto Koshinetsu English Education Society
Kanto Orthopedic Disaster Surgery Society
Kanto Sociological Society
Kanto Urban Society
Kawabata Yasunari Society
Keio Medical Society
Kinki Chemistry Association
Kinki Tokai Orthodontic Society
KJ Law Society
Koh · Medical Function Society
Kojiki Kogakkai
Komazawa History Society
Komazawa religious study group
Korea History Study Group
Korean Language Education Society
Korean Society
Kyorin Medical Association
Kyushu · Yamaguchi Sports Medicine · Scientific Research Group
Kyushu Chinese Society
Kyushu Dental Society
Kyushu Economic Society
Kyushu Historical Study Group
Kyushu Law Society
Kyushu pest insect research group
Kyushu Sports and Sports Society
Labor Theory Society
Laser Processing Society
Laser Society
Latin American Society of Political Science
Law and Computer Society
Law and Psychiatric Association
Law and Psychology Association
Legal Culture
Legislative history society
Leisure Tourism Society
Life Support Association
Light Metal Society
Light Metal Welding Association
Lighting Society
Linguistic culture education research conference
Linguistic humanities society
Low Temperature Biotechnology Society
Low Temperature Engineering · Superconductivity Society
Management Association Association
Management history society
Management Information Society
Management Philosophy Society
Mansha Society
Marine Biotechnology Society
Marine Science and Engineering Association
Marx · Engels Researcher’s Association
Material Life Society
Materialism research association
Materials Technology Research Association
Mathematical economics conference
Mathematical Society
Mathematical Sociology
Matrix study group
Meat cattle study group
Medical Economics Association
Medical Image Information Society
Medieval history study group
Medieval Literature Society
Medieval Philosophical Society
Mediterranean society
Meiji Art Society
Meiji Restoration History Society
Mental Care Academic Society
Merlot-Ponti Circle
Miio Kimishigyo
Modern English Association
Modern Japanese Literature Society
Molecular Society
Multicultural Relations Society
Municipal Society
Nano · Biomedical Society
Narrative / legendary society
Narrative Study Group
National Association for Language Education
National Association of English Education
National Association of Mathematical Education
National Association of Regional Educational History
National College Copy Calligraphy Education Society
National Constitutional Study Group
National Council for Public Health Association Association
National Institute of Arts and Sciences
National Institute of Japanese Calligraphy
National Social Studies Education Society
National University Japanese Language Education Society
National University Music Education Society
National University National Language and Literature Society
New British and American literary society
New Platonism Association
New Zealand Society
Nihon University Historical Society
Nihon University Medical Association
Niigata Dental Society
Nipple oral cleft society
Nippon Fluorochemical Society
Nippon Neurosurgery Congress
Nippon Pediatric Nutrition and Gastroenterology Liver Society
Nippon Perinatal Mental Health Society
Nishida Philosophical Association
Northeast Asian Institute
Northeast Sociological Society
Northern European Society
Northern Japan Fisheries Economic Association
Northern Japan Pest Insect Study Group
Nursing Science and Engineering Association
Occupational Health and Human Engineering Society
Ocean Acoustical Society
Odor · Kaori Environment Association
Okayama Dental Association
Okayama Medical Society
Organic Synthetic Chemistry Association
Organization Society
Oriental Music Society
Oriental Studies · Asian Studies Liaison Committee
Origin of life and the Society of Evolution
Osaka Dental Association
Osaka Historical Science Council
Osaka Historical Society
Osaka Sports Society
Otolaryngology Clinical Society
Pacific Pacific Applied Linguistics Society
PARIS Buddhist Culture Society
Perinatal Period and Neonatal Medicine Society of Japan
Petroleum Institute
Petroleum Technology Association
Philosophical Society
Photochemical Society
Physical Fit, Nutrition and Immunological Society
Physical Therapy Science Association
Plant geography / taxonomical society
Plasma and Nuclear Fusion Society
Plasma Applied Society
Policy Information Society
Political Economics · Economic History Society
Polymer Society
Population Ecology Society
Poverty research group
Powder Engineering Society
Powder Powder Metallurgy Association
Practical Education and Training Research Association
Practical Integrated Agricultural Society
Practical Management Society
Precision Engineering Society
Prestressed Concrete Engineering Society
Professional Japanese Language Education
Professor of Japan Learning Psychology Association
Project Management Society
Psychological Analytical English Literary Society
Psychological study group
Public Choice Association
Public Utility Society
Pulp and Paper Technical Association
Quality Engineering Society
Railroad History Society
Refractory Technology Association
Regional Agriculture and Forest Economics
Regional Design Society
Regional Fisheries Society
Regional Geographical Society
Regional History Research Council
Regional research association liaison council
Regional research consortium
Regional Safety Society
Religious Philosophical Society
Remote Sensing Society of Japan
Research and Innovation Society
Research group of Radiobiology
Research group on molecular simulation
Research Society for Nonprofit Research
Resource Geology Society
Rikkyo University History Society
Rissho University History Society
Robotics Society of Japan
Rock Mechanics Association
Roots Research Society
Running Society
Rural Architecture Research Group
Rural Planning Institute
Russian history study group
Russian-Eastern European Society
Ryukoku History Society
Ryukyaku Medical Society
Safety Engineering Society
Sago palm society
Sakuramon German Literature Society
Second-hand literary society
Seed Biology Society
Sengoku History Study Group
Separation Technology Society
Service conference
Shape Society of Science
Shin Nihon Doctors Association
Shinano History Society
Shinto historical conference
Shinto religious society
Shiro Chaya Jiro Memorial Academic Society
Showa Literature Society
Six Society Academic Society
Smart Process Association
Social and Environmental Society
Social Information Society
Social Policy Society
Society and Cultural History Society
Society and economic history society
Society and Economic Systems Society
Society Business History Society
Society for Family Problem Studies
Society for Japanese Studies
Society for restoration of natural environment
Society for Strategic Research
Society of abrasive grain processing
Society of Agricultural Technology Management
Society of Art Education
Society of Artificial Intelligence
Society of Business Cycles
Society of Business History
Society of Clinical Law Education
Society of Comparative Civilization
Society of Comparative Dance
Society of Comparative Economic System
Society of Comparative Philosophy
Society of Complex Chemistry
Society of Corporate Law
Society of Cultural History
Society of Cultural Journal of Creatures
Society of Culture
Society of Deep Sea Water Use
Society of Defense Law
Society of Delicious Technology
Society of domestic animal infectious diseases
Society of Economic History
Society of Economic S
Society of Economic Stat
Society of Educational Science Education
Society of Environmental Economics and Policy
Society of Human Economics
Society of Hydrology and Water Resources
Society of Indian Thought History
Society of Integrated Women’s History
Society of Japan drugs History
Society of Language and Culture
Society of Language Processing
Society of Life Economics
Society of Linguistics
Society of Linguistics
Society of Lost and Found Society
Society of Management Behavior Research
Society of Multinational Enterprises
Society of Oral Surgery
Society of Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Society of Physical Education
Society of physical movement culture
Society of Plant Chemistry Control
Society of plastic molding processing
Society of Political Thought
Society of Positioning and Navigation
Society of Product Development and Management
Society of Radioactive Decontamination
Society of Regional Culture
Society of Resources and Materials
Society of Sabo Engineering
Society of Science and Technology Society
Society of Science Foundation
Society of Society of Bundesi
Society of Sports History
Society of Waste Resources Circulation
Sociological Thought History Society
Sociology consortium
Soundings English English & American Literature Society
Southeast Asian Archeology Society
Southeast Asian Society
Statistical Study Group
Study group on livestock nutrition physiology
Sundai History Society
Surface Technology Association
Suzuya society
Symbiotic Society System Society
System Agriculture Society
Systems audit society
Taiwan History Study Group
Tanada Society
Tatara research group
Tax accounting research society
Textile Society
The American Academy of Culture
The Ancient American Society
The Association of Urban Pest Management
The Australian Society
The British Romantic Society
The Cellulose Society
The Chemical Society of Japan
The French Institute
The Genetic Society of Japan
The Geological Society of Japan
The Institute of Art and Documentation
The Institute of Electronic Spin Science
The Institute of Electrostatics
The Institute of Energy and Resources
The Institute of Environmental Arts
The Institute of Environmental Technology
The Institute of Image Information Media
The Institute of Management Behavior Science
The Institute of Power Electronics
The Institute of Securities Economics
The Institute of Water Resources and Environment
The Japan Biochemical Society
The Japan Business Society
The Japan Ceramics Association
The Japan Chemical Biology Society
The Japan Chemistry Association
The Japan Children’s Society
The Japan Dam Conference
The Japan Economic Association Association
The Japan Institute of Magnetism
The Japan Meteorological Society
The Japan Meteorological Society
The Japan Oceanographic Human Society
The Japan Philosophical Association
The Japan Sea Research Institute
The Japan Seismological Society
The Japan Society for Art Education
The Japan Society for Business Ethics
The Japan Society for Ceramic Chemistry
The Japan Society for Educational Welfare
The Japan Society for Information and Communication
The Japan Society for International Copyright Act
The Japan Society for Marine Products
The Japan Society for Neuroscience
The Japan Society for New Studies
The Japan Society for Phosphorylation
The Japan Society for Protein Science
The Japan Society of Adhesion
The Japan Society of Anesthesiologists
The Japan Society of Benthos
The Japan Society of Brewing
The Japan Society of Civilization
The Japan Society of Clay Studies
The Japan Society of Color Sciences
The Japan Society of Combustion
The Japan Society of Communication Disorder
The Japan Society of Copper
The Japan Society of Dermatology
The Japan Society of Dietary Habits
The Japan Society of Ethics and Ethics
The Japan Society of Finance
The Japan Society of Fisheries
The Japan Society of Fisheries Engineering
The Japan Society of Heat Transfer
The Japan Society of Hepatology
The Japan Society of Hip and Arthritis
The Japan Society of Humanities
The Japan Society of Hygienics
The Japan Society of Life Studies
The Japan Society of Medical Entomology
The Japan Society of Membrane
The Japan Society of Metrology
The Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology
The Japan Society of Pressure Pools
The Japan Society of Public Health
The Japan Society of Rare Earth Science
The Japan Society of Sand Dunes
The Japan Society of Silk Society
The Japan Society of Spring
The Japan Society of Spring Science
The Japan Society of Thermometry
The Japan Society of Time Biology
The Japan Society of Zoology
The Japan Sports Society
The Japan Surgical Society
The Japan Symposium
The Japan Women’s Society
The Japanese Academy of Inflammation
The Japanese Academy of Nematodes
The Japanese Anatomical Society
The Japanese Association
The Japanese Association of Epistles
The Japanese Association of Exercise and Or
The Japanese Association of Mastication
The Japanese Association of Paleontology
The Japanese Cornea Society
The Japanese Facial Neuroscience Society
The Japanese Facial Society
The Japanese Folklore Society
The Japanese Gerontological Psychiatric Association
The Japanese Institute of Vein
The Japanese Landscape Society
The Japanese Ophthalmologist Society
The Japanese Optical Optical Society
The Japanese Pediatric Neuroscience
The Japanese Physiological Society
The Japanese Psychological Association
The Japanese Society
The Japanese Society for Botany
The Japanese Society for Cell Biology
The Japanese Society for Image Science
The Japanese Society for Mathematical Formul
The Japanese Society for Organic Cult
The Japanese Society for Teacher Education
The Japanese Society of Algae
The Japanese Society of Biliary Ducts
The Japanese Society of Biomedical
The Japanese Society of Cancer
The Japanese Society of Chemotherapy
The Japanese Society of Clothing
The Japanese Society of Cranial Nerve and Ultrasound
The Japanese Society of Criminal Psychology
The Japanese Society of Dental Aesthetics
The Japanese Society of Dental Preservation
The Japanese Society of Dental Radiology
The Japanese Society of Developmental Biology
The Japanese Society of Developmental Disorders
The Japanese Society of Developmental Psychology
The Japanese Society of Dialysis Medicine
The Japanese Society of Educational Psy
The Japanese Society of Fishes
The Japanese Society of Fungi
The Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery
The Japanese Society of Human Genetics
The Japanese Society of Hydrology
The Japanese Society of Lianology
The Japanese Society of Magnetic Resonance Medicine
The Japanese Society of Mammals
The Japanese Society of Medical Engineering Therapeutics
The Japanese Society of Medical Physics
The Japanese Society of Molecular Biology
The Japanese Society of Motor Physiology
The Japanese Society of Music
The Japanese Society of Neuroscience
The Japanese Society of Neurosurgery
The Japanese Society of Oxidative Stress
The Japanese Society of Pain
The Japanese Society of Pancreas
The Japanese Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences
The Japanese Society of Physical Education
The Japanese Society of RNA
The Japanese Society of Seedlings
The Japanese Society of Silk Science
The Japanese Society of Spinal Surgery
The Japanese Society of Traumatic Stress
The Japanese Society of Ulcers
The Japanese Society of Urological Endoscopy
The Japanese Society of Western Classics
The Japanese Sociological Society
The Japanese Sociological Society
The Japanese Sociological Society of Japan
The Japanese Urological Association
The Malacological Society of Japan
The Mathematical Society
The Oriental Ceramic Society
The Oriental Society
The Pacific Rim Association of Input and Output Analysis
The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
The Society of Asian Political Science
The Society of Chromosomes
The Society of Clinical Subject Education
The Society of Discharge
The Society of Economic Theory
The Society of Environment
The Society of Geography
The Society of Nursing
The Society of Religious Ethics
The Society of Soil Physics
The Sociological Society of Japan
The Sociological Theoretical Society of Japan
Toa Medical Association
Tohoku Agricultural Economics Association
Tohoku Animal Husbandry Society
Tohoku Arts and Culture Society
Tohoku district dental association society
Tohoku Economic Society
Tohoku Forestry Science Association
Tohoku Geography Society
Tohoku History Society
Tohoku Medical Society
Tohoku Orthodontic Society
Tohoku Orthopedic Disaster Surgery Society
Tohoku Philosophical Association
Tohoku sociological study group
Tohoku University Dental Association
Tokai Seimei Buddhist Society
Tokai Society Association
Tokyo Geoscience Association
Tokyo Historical Science Institute
Tokyo Orthodontic Society
Tokyo Sports Society
Tomoyama Recommendation Society
Tonegawa Culture Study Group
Tourism Academic Society
Tourism Community Planning Society
Tourist Information Society
Toyama Archaeological Society
Traffic engineering study group
Traffic History Society
Transportation Society
Tree Medical Society
Turbomachinery Association
University Assessment Society
University Society of Art Education
University Society of English Education
Urban Environment Design Conference
Urban housing Association
Veterinary Epidemiology Association
Visualization Information Society
Waka Literature Association
Waseda University Oriental history conversation party
Waseda University Toyo Philosophical Association
Welding Society
Welfare Society Society
West Japan Orthopedics and Disaster Surgery Society
West Japan Philosophical Society
West Japan Sociological Association
Western History Study Group
Woody carbonization society
World Law Society
World Literature Society

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