Pound Kyoto Ekimae (听(ポンド)京都駅前店)

Best Steakhouses in Kyoto
Pound Kyoto Ekimae  (听(ポンド)京都駅前店) 
They offer deep flavored matured Japanese beef served by the pound. Complete a-la-carte menu also available. They also offer various types of wine which go well with Japanese beef. Meat allowed to mature for a certain period in drastic thermal and humidity conditions is known as dry-aged beef. The delicious flavors, strong and well fragranced, will capture you. Restaurant offers everything from standard cuts to rare cuts. Special private rooms for receptions and spacious rooms for banquets are available.
Average prices:  ¥4,035 – ¥5,998
Tel.   +81 75-708-8929

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