Ramen Sen No Kaze (らーめん千の風京都) Kyoto

Best Ramen Restaurants in Kyoto
Ramen Sen No Kaze  (らーめん千の風京都)
The pure Japanese style of an all-natural ramen is the heart of Ramen Sen no Kaze (1,000 Winds Ramen). Ramen is based on a creamy, refreshing soup (tonkotsu), as well as a clear soup infused with a seafood-based stock (assari). For those concerned about healthy eating, and those looking for a taste that is light, full-bodied (but not overpowering), and habit-forming, this is the ramen for you.
Average prices:  ¥874 – ¥1,858
Tel.   +81 90-6677-2306

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