Musoshin, Gion (無双心 祇園店) Kyoto

Best Ramen Restaurants in Kyoto
Musoshin, Gion (無双心 祇園店)
Vegetable based rich and tasty soup and Special homemade noodle! If you appreciate ramen that is found only in Gion, it is there! Musoshin Gion is on the way to Kyoto’s oldest zen temple Kenninji, a ramen shop with its head office located in Kameoka, which is gaining popularity. The most popular menu, 「Musoshin」soup is creamy, thick and rich in flavor with smooth and soft touch, because different vegetables are boiled and dissolved in it. Musoshin’s homemade noodle is held well with soup, so it is more appetizing. Gion Black Ramen is also recommendable as only found in Gion menu!
Tel.   +81 75-551-0345

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