The 18 Major Ninja Training Techniques Spiritual training -Seishin teki kyoyo

  • Spiritual training -Seishin teki kyoyo
  1. Know yourself, your needs and desires
  2. Know the nature, environment and the universe
  3. Understand the importance of destiny
  4. Be in harmony with the nature and society (harmony)
  5. Understand others and have empathy (heart)
  6. See and observe your environment (eye)
  7. Love yourself and others (love)
  • Tai Jutsu – Combat Training. Fighting with no weapons
  • Daken-taijutsu – Punching, kicking, blocking
  • Jutai-jatsu – Close fighting, grappling, submission holds and escape holds
  • Taihen-jutsu – Silent movement, leaping, falling, rolling and tumbling
  • Kenjutsu – Swordmanship
  • Bojutsu- Staff fighting (Using Bo (Long stick))
  • Shurikenjutsu- Throwing blades- Throwing shuriken stars
  • Yarijutsu – Spear fighting. The ninja trained with the spears commonly used by the samurai as follow:
  1. Te-yari – A short spear
  2. Naga-yari – A long spear
  3. Tetsu-yari – A metal spear
  4. Sanbon-yari – A three bladed spear
  5. Kama-yari – A spear with an additional half moon blade
  • Naginatajutsu (Spear with a katana ending/Polearm)
  • Kusarigamajutsu – Chain and sickle weapon
  • Kayakujutsu – Fire and explosives
  • Hensojutsu – Disguise Techniques . The ninja were trained to be able to impersonated at least 7 different characters as a monk, a samurai, a merchant, a craftsmen, a farmer, a performer and an ordinary peasant. The ninja used to carry at least 2 costumes with them.
  • Shinobi-iri – Sneaking in and stealth techniques
  • Nyukyo no-jutsu – The correct timing
  • Monomi no-jutsu – Locating the weakest point
  • Nyudaki no-jutsu – Locating the weakest staff
  • Yogi Gakure – Using an object for distraction
  • Joei-on jutsu – The way of concealing the sounds
  • Bajutsu – Horsemanship
  • Sui-ren – Water skills
  • Bo-ryaku – Strategy. The ninja were trained to think strategically. Not only defeating one enemy but also how to overcome a group and sometimes how to defeat the enemy without fighting (acting politically etc.).
  • Choho – Espionage. The ninja studied the techniques of how to gain trust and how not to look or act suspicious.
  • Inton-jutsu – Escape techniques
  • Ten-mon – Meteorology
  • Chi-mon – Geography
  • Seizon-jutsu – Survival skills. Surving in the wild, hunting and gathering skills, tracking skills.
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