Sumo Wrestling facts

  • An average sumo wrestler is about 185 cm tall and weighs around 150 kilos.
  • The loincloth belt of a sumo wrestler is about 6-7 meters long.
  • The sumo wrestlers live about 65 years shorter than an avg. Japanese.
  • The sumo wrestlers eat chankonabe beef stew mixed with vegetables. They consume around 20,000 calories of food a day. That is why they can get fat so easily and quickly.
  • There are no female sumo wrestlers and women are not allowed to enter the sumo ring. Some say if a woman enters the ring it must be purified again.
  • Sumo wrestlers are prohibited from driving a car because of a car accident that injured a sumo wrestler years ago.
  • In the recent past there was a notion in Japan that the champion sumo wrestlers marry with the beauty pageants.
  • Sumo wrestlers cannot be independent, they must belong to a sumo house or stable. Each stable can only have 1 foreigner.
  • Sumo wrestling was performed in Japan as a shinto ritual as early as 250 AD.
  • The gunbai fan the referee holds is the same with the war fan the daimyos had.
  • In the past 10 years there was only 1 Japanese champion and he did not continue. Most sumo champions are Mongolians.
  • The referees (gyoji) carry knives to give the message that they are ready to commit seppuku if they make a mistake.

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