Ninja Facts

  • Japanese people consider the ninja as spies not warriors. In Japan ninjas are called shinobi.
  • Ninja means the one who endures, shinobi means the one who conceals himself.
  • You cannot be a ninja by training, the tradition of ninja is passed from generation to generation.
  • There are 2 main ninja clans in Japan: Iga and Koka. The town of Iga is in Mie, about an hour long car-ride from this museum. The name of Iga city will soon be changed into the Ninja city.
  • The ninja were trained by practicing long distance running, disguise techniques, climbing, gun powder trsining and the botanics.
  • A number of samurai commanders were targeted by ninja. Uesigi Kenshin, a famous daimyo of the Kanto area during the Sengoku period, was killed by a ninja sent by Nobunaga. Nobunaga himself once shot by a ninja.
  • A ninja should not be heavier than 60kgs in order to run fast.
  • The ninja usually wore ordinary clothes to blend in or the navy blue colored outfit since it is more difficult to notice them in the moonlight.
  • The ninja did not eat meat while on the mission to not to leave any body odor behind.

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