Kendo (Kenjutsu)

Wada Sanzo (1941) Kendo instructor.
  • There were no major wars during the edo period but samurai had to practice and improve their swordsmanship.
  • In the early 18th century a person named Kunisato developed the technique of using bogu (kendo armor) and shinai (bamboo stick) for practicing sword using techniques.
  • In the past this practice is used to be called gekiken or kyyujitai, but in 1920, the name was changed to kendo.
  • In 1946, after WWII, kendo and all the martial arts were banned by the GHQ for the reason that they promoted nationalistic and militaristic ideas.
  • The ban was lifted in 1950. Millions of people mostly in Japanese high schools and universities practice kendo today.

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