Emperor Jimmu and the beginning of Japanese History (BC 660- 585 BC)

  • Japanese people believe that the emperor is the descendant of the sun of God Amaterasu. His ascension is dated February 11, 660 BC. This date has been celebrated as the national foundation day which once was temporarily banned following the ww2.
  • Emperor jimmu has established his kingdom on the island of Yamato, Japan also used to be called Yamato.
  • He died when he was 126 years old, his nickname was God-Warrior. He is always depicted as a man with long beard holding a long bow and accompanied by a wild bird.

  • Scientific sources indicate that first humans came to Japan from the North about 30,000 years ago. His descendants, the Ainu people, can still be found in the Hokkaido region, who have paler and way hairier skin.
  • Most Japanese have the DNA that is quite similar to the Koreans and Chinese who migrated to the southern Islands of Japan around 500 BC.


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