Sweet Making Lessons 1 ~4

Sweet making Lessons

Thank you very much for coming to Maikoya.
My name is … today I am going to be your teacher.
Today, I will teach you how to make traditional Japanese sweets called Nerikiri.
Nerikiri is made of white bean paste, red bean paste, rice powder and some natural food coloring.
Wagashi means Japanese sweets. Wa means japansese an Gashi means sweets.
In the past, wagashi was only eaten by high class people because it was hard to find sugar.
In Japan, we have more than 20 kind of Japanese sweets and most of them are made of rice powder and sugar. And neriki is a sweets that is perfect for tea ceremony.
Japanese sweets usually reflect four seasons.
Japanese sweets are not too sweet compare to sweets from other countries.
Because we think natural taste of the food itself is important and should keep it that way.
For example, when we enjoy Japanese sweets in tea ceremony, to enjoy the taste of tea, the sweets has to be not too sweet.
As a Japanese sweets, four senses has to be satisfied. 1. Eyes, the appearance, 2. Nose, the smell, 3. Touching, the texture 4. Mouth, the taste of course.
This is all the small tips of wagashi. Now let’s get started to make nerikiri.

  • Add rice powder and water into the pink bowl and mix it well
  • Add 2/3 of white bean paste into ① and keep mixing.
  • Add the rest of white bean paste and mix it again.
  • Spread the white bean paste around the bowl so that when we put it in a microwave, the heat can go through equally.
  • Put it in a micro wave for 2-3 mins with 700W.
  • Divided into 4 (2 of them teacher is going to use and another 2 of them for guest)

How to make flower shape nerikiri

  • Pick one of the white bean paste and add red food coloring(add a few drops of water when you prepare it) and mix well until the color becomes pink.
  • Spread the pink white bean paste on your hand, pick up read bean ball and put it in the middle and cover it.
  • Make it circle
  • Make 5 lines with wood block and press each with finger
  • Pick just a bit of white bean paste and add yellow color
  • 網のあるおたまを使って、press the yellow one and take it carefully
  • put in in the center of pink part

How to make rabbit shape nerikiri

  • pick up the rest of the white bean paste and spread it on your hand
  • pick up the red bean ball and put it in the middle and cover it
  • make it circle
  • pick up the pink one we made before and divide it into two (they are going to be ears for rabbit)
  • make shape of ear and put it on white one
  • with a little piece of white bean paste, make a little ball (for tail of rabbit)
  • use sesame seeds for their eyes
  • put it on rabbit


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