Tea Ceremony Lesson 4 Making and Serving the Tea

First, please take the tea spoon,
And pick up the tea powder case.
And please put the lid next to the tea bowl.
And please put two spoons of tea powder into bowl.
And make one sound with spoon
And close the lid and put it back.
I will put hot water into your tea bowl.
please pick up the tea whisk and
when you mix, move your wrist back and forth as fast as possible
(not make round)
and make tea little babbles
and take out whisk
before drinking
we bow once
and take tea bowl and place on your left
and little bow again
turn around the bowl clockwise twice
and please enjoy the tea
usually with three or four sips but you can take your time
and for the last sip, you can make a little sound, like slurping
this is something rude if you do it in a restaurant
but in a tea ceremony
this is actually respectful
the sound means that you drunk all of tea because it was delicious
the reason why we turn around the bowl is the host always wants to show the most beautiful part of the bowl to the guests, which is the front of the bowl.
So as a guest, to respect the host, they have to avoid that part to drink from

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