Tea Ceremony Lesson 2 Cleaning

Lesson 2 cleaning
So you will first start with purification prosess.
I will demonstrate the half way of the purification process by myself and then, I will teach you how to do it step by step.
Purification を見せる
Now we will do it together.
First please take the red cloth with your left hand.
This is called fukusa in Japanese.
Please hold it like this.
And then with your left hand, bring three fingers except the first finger in front of you.
Then, cover around the three fingers and hold it vertically.
Then, fold the fukusa towards your with yoru sum and release the bottom tip.
Please hold the middle part of fukusa.
With your middle finger of your left hand, push the cloth towards you.
Fold in three like this.
Please frold in half now, and again hold in half
Please take out your left hand and hold it with your right hand.
And push it in half.
First, we will purify the tea powder case, this is called Natsume, which is the name of the fruits.
First we will wipe the top, then the bottom, and put the fukusa on top of Natsume.
Wipe all the surface,
Put back Natsume next to tea bowl.
Place the fukusa on your left hand.
Please take the tip with your right hand,
We will fold the fukusa again.
Three fingers inside with your left hand, cover around three fingers and hold vertical.
Please fold towards your and release the bottom tip.
Please hold the middle part and with your left hand of middle finger, fold it towards you again.
Then fold in half and fold in half again.
Take out your left hand and place it on your left hand.
Next, we will purify the tea spoon.
Please place on the center of fukusa
And we will wipe three times.
One going back two going back and three
And place the tea spoon on natsume
And place the fukusa on your left.
Please take out the tea whisk and put it next to natsume
Please take out the white cloth and place it to the little glass bowl next to you
Then we will purify the tea bowl and the tea whisk.
I will put hot water into your tea bowl.
then please take the tea whisk and make a little sound like this
and please hold up the tea whisk and by turning around,
check nothing is dirty or broken,
and make little sound again
and we will do the same process
and please whisk lightly
after that throw the hot water
hold the tea bowl with your left hand
and take the white cloth
put the white cloth inside of the bowl
and bring it to the edge.
Wipe it two and a half (three and a half) round
Then wipe the bottom as well
Put the bowl back and white cloth as well

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