Tea Ceremony Lesson 1

1- Welcome to Maikoya
We start the tea ceremony by bowing. I am Taro Yamada and I will be your tea master today. The proper way of sitting during the ceremony is sitting on your knees but if you are not used to it your feet will get numb, so please feel free to sit comfortably.

2- The tea ceremony is a meditational way of drinking fresh matcha tea leaves. It has two main purposes a) to increase the bonding between the host and the guest and b) to have a peaceful mind in our busy daily lives. So, please forget about everything and just enjoy this moment.  Just think about the 4 simple principles of the ceremony
Wa: harmony
Kei: Respect
Sei: Purity
Jaku:Tranquility and peaceful mind
3 – Please remember we should be silent during the tea ceremony. It is not only for meditation but also to hear the sound of the utensils such as the tea whisk touching the bowl.
Let’s get started. First purification. Please watch me perform it first and then we will do it together.

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