Lawyers in Osaka who speak English


1. Ohara Law Office 
Family Law, Intellectual Property, Immigration, Corporate, Debt Collection, Commercial Transactions, Litigation and ADR, General Practice
Staff speak English
2. Kawazoe Immigraition Lawyer’s Office
Immigration and legal-document specialist
Lawyer speak English
3. Abe & Partners
Intellectual Property Law, General Civil Actions, Criminal Cases, International Relations, Medical, Corporate Legal Affairs/ Commercial Issues, Bankruptcy
Lawyer speak English
4. GOH Foreign Law Office
Immigration and Nationality Law, Business Transactions
Staff speak English
5. Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners
Intellectual property licensing and litigation.
Staff speak English
6. Takashi Ikeda Law Office LPC
Divorce, child custody, child abduction issues (Hague Convention), traffic accidents, corporate, contracts, criminal cases, labour/employment issues
Lawyer speak English

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