From Kyoto to Osaka – How to go From Kyoto to Osaka?

How to go From Kyoto to Osaka? The Shinkansen fast train and the other transportatin alternatives
The best way to go from Kyoto to Osaka is the shinkansen fast train. The cost of the shinkansen fast train (Kyoto-Osaka) is 1420 for one-way. The cost is approximately ¥2840 for the round trip. The Kyoto-Osaka Shinkansen ride is approximately 15 minutes. The first shinkansen fast train departs from Kyoto at 7:39 AM. The last shinkansen fast train departs from Kyoto at 22:40 PM. There is a shinkansen bullet train service every 10 minutes. You can reserve online but it is more convenient to buy the ticket at the station.

Shinkansen Fast Trains from Kyoto to Osaka

Type of the Shinkansen Fast Train Kyoto Osaka
NOZOMI 9:02 9:17
HIKARI- JR-PASS OK! 9:16 9:31
NOZOMI 9:19 9:34
NOZOMI 9:40 9:55
HIKARI- JR-PASS OK! 10:13 10:28
NOZOMI 10:19 10:34
KODAMA- LONG ROUTE 10:36 10:51
NOZOMI 10:40 10:55
NOZOMI 11:02 11:17
HIKARI- JR-PASS OK! 11:13 11:28
NOZOMI 11:19 11:34
KODAMA- LONG ROUTE 11:36 11:51
NOZOMI 11:40 11:55
NOZOMI 12:02 12:17
HIKARI- JR-PASS OK! 12:16 12:31
NOZOMI 12:19 12:34
KODAMA- LONG ROUTE 12:36 12:51
NOZOMI 12:40 12:55
HIKARI- JR-PASS OK! 13:16 13:31
NOZOMI 13:19 13:34
KODAMA- LONG ROUTE 13:36 13:51
HIKARI- JR-PASS OK! 14:16 14:31
NOZOMI 14:19 14:34
KODAMA- LONG ROUTE 14:36 14:51
HIKARI- JR-PASS OK! 15:16 15:31
NOZOMI 15:19 15:34
KODAMA- LONG ROUTE 15:36 15:51
HIKARI- JR-PASS OK! 16:16 16:31
NOZOMI 16:19 16:34
KODAMA- LONG ROUTE 16:36 16:51
HIKARI- JR-PASS OK! 17:16 17:31
NOZOMI 17:19 17:34
KODAMA- LONG ROUTE 17:36 17:51
NOZOMI 18:02 18:17
HIKARI- JR-PASS OK! 18:16 18:31
NOZOMI 18:19 18:34
KODAMA- LONG ROUTE 18:36 18:51
NOZOMI 18:40 18:55
NOZOMI 19:02 19:17
HIKARI- JR-PASS OK! 19:16 19:31
NOZOMI 19:19 19:34
KODAMA- LONG ROUTE 19:36 19:51
NOZOMI 19:40 19:55
NOZOMI 20:02 20:17
HIKARI- JR-PASS OK! 20:13 21:28
NOZOMI 20:40 20:55
HIKARI- JR-PASS OK! 20:59 21:14
NOZOMI 21:02 21:17
HIKARI- JR-PASS OK! 21:13 21:28
NOZOMI 21:19 21:34
NOZOMI 21:40 21:55
HIKARI- JR-PASS OK! 21:59 22:14
HIKARI- JR-PASS OK! 22:13 22:28
NOZOMI 22:19 22:34
NOZOMI 22:40 22:55

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JR-PASS allows you to use the shinkansen fast train for free. If you have a JR-PASS, you can only use the HIKARI-SHINKANSEN. If you have a JR-PASS, you can NOT use all the shinkansen fast trains. Please purchase the JR PASS before arriving in Japan. You cannot purchase JR-PASS after you arrive in Japan.
First 3 wagons are non-reserved, you can sit anywhere you want. The other wagons are reserved, you have to find your seat. You can charge your phone or tablet on the shinkansen bullet train (not all of them).
If you travel on Friday evenings or during public holidays (e.g. The Golden Week, New year’s eve, etc.) you may not be able to get a seat in the non-reserved section. Please reserve your ticket in advance.
There is a luxury section of the shinkansen fast train. The name of this section is “green car.” You cannot use this special section with the JR-PASS. If you pay ¥2360 extra you can use the “green car.”
You can purchase sandwich and lunchbox on the shinkansen fast train. The cost is around 1000 yen.
Airplane is faster and cheaper than the shinkansen bullet train. Most people choose the shinkansen bullet train because the airport is not in the city centre. To reserve an airplane ticket please click here 
The cheapest way to travel is to take the bus. There is a bus service until the midnight. The cost of the bus is about ¥900. Most people do not choose the bus because it is 3 times slower than the shinkansen bullet train. To check the schedule of the bus please click here 
To reserve the shinkansen bullet train online .
We recommend taking the shinkansen bullet train because a) a unique cultural experience b) the train stations are conveneiently located in the city centre c) there is a shinkansen bullet train service frequently d) you can buy ticket at the train station without waiting (except busy morning hours).

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