Training for Tour Guides and Hospitality Industry Workers in Osaka

English & Culture Lessons for Tour Guides and Hospitality Industry Workers in Osaka
Japanese culture in Osaka can be best learned by tour guide meetings that include workshops on English, Japanese history and Japanese culture at Maikoya. These tour guide workshops are held every Thursday from 6pm to 7 pm and they are open to professional tour guides, tour guide candidates and volunteer tour guides in addition to hotel clerks and concierge. The meetings are ideal to expand your knowledge on Osaka tours, Kyoto tours, Nara tours, Kobe tours, Wakayama tours, and Hiroshima Tours. You will be taught how to speak English more fluently, how to respond if you don’t know an answer to a question, where the best off the beaten tracks are, what foreigners really like and really want to know, and etc..
Teacher: A college professor with PhD, who specializes in intercultural communication and Japanese culture
What matters most to travelers (attached (academic study))
Tour gudies Osaka
The Format:

  • 18:00 Weekly topic
  • 18:30 discussion
  • 18:45 pair work on common questions
  • 18:50 Guiding and concierge tips and techniques
  • 19:00 Finish

Cost: ¥1000
Location: Maikoya Osaka
Weekly topics

  • Japanese culture
  • Osaka culture
  • Japanese gardens
  • Japanese castles
  • Japanese cuisine
  • Tea ceremony
  • Calligraphy
  • Martial arts, aikido, karate, judo, sumo, kyudo, kendo, jukendo
  • The tradition of kimono
  • The tradition of geisha
  • The tradition of samurai
  • Zen Buddhism
  • Differences between temples and shrines
  • Difference between maiko and geisha
  • Kintsugi
  • Sumi e
  • Ukiyo e
  • Bunraku
  • Rakugo
  • Noh theater culture
  • Shamisen, koto, taiko
  • Katana, yumi, yari, kenbu, iado
  • Japanese history -kofun
  • Japanese history-Nara
  • Japanese history- Heian
  • Japanese history-Kamakura
  • Japanese history-Muromachi
  • Japanese history-Edo
  • Japanese history- Bakumatsu
  • Japanese history-Meiji

Tour Guides and Concierge in Osaka & Kyoto Commonly asked questions

  • Why do Japanese people wear surgical masks?
  • Why is Japan so clean?
  • What do Japanese people eat for breakfast?
  • How do Japanese people sleep?
  • Why do Japanese people bow?
  • What is the religion of Japan?
  • What is the climate of Japan like?
  • What is the population of Osaka, Kyoto, Japan?
  • What is the government of Japan like?
  • Are there real samurai today?
  • Are there real ninja today?
  • Are there real geisha today?
  • Tour Guiding in Kyoto and Osaka tips and techniques

Additional topics

  • -Analysis of negative guide reviews on Tripadvisor
  • -Analysis of positive guide reviews on Tripadvisor

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