The difference between kimono and Yukata

Difference between kimono and yukata
Kimono is a traditional Japanese clothing. Yukata is a type of kimono. People wear kimono in the winter and yukata in the summer. There are some other differences between kimono and yukata. Please carefully read the table below.

Differences between kimono and yukata Kimono Yukata
How is the fabric? thick thin
When do people wear it? fall & winter
spring season and summer
In which occasion? wedding ceremony, tea ceremony, coming-of-age ceremony
firework festival, summer festival
How is the motif? Simple design, pastel colors, very little design above the sash
Very colorful, many colors
How long does it take to wear it? Up to 20 minutes 2-3 minutes
What is it made of? Silk Cotton
How much does it cost? $500 or more $50 or more
What is the length of the sleeve? Long Short
What are the different types? Uchikake, furisode, hakama, homongi, tomesode, hiromuku
Can everyone wear it? Only single women can wear furisode
Are there inner layers? Yes (nagajuban) No
How are the sandals and accessories? Elegant (zori) Casual (geta)

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