Best time to visit Osaka, When to visit Osaka

Best months to visit Osaka: April, May, September and October.
Your purpose of travel is important.

  • The nature: April (The cherry blossom season). October (The fall leaves)
  • Japanese festivals: July (Tenjin Festival, Gion Festival)
  • Good weather for sightseeing: May and September (not too hot, not too cold)
  • Shopping: January (new year “bargainsale”)
  • Swimming: Only in August
  • Sumo: Only in March
  • Theme parks & Amusement Parks: April ~ October
  • Hot springs (January ~ March)
  • Worst month to visit Japan: August (high temperature and high humidity).
  • Worst month to make a reservation at a restaurant: December (year-end dinners).
  • Worst month to make a reservation at a hotel: Beginning of May, Mid-August.
Weather Cost Seasonal Events
January Cold ok
New year shopping
February Cold Least Expensive
Setsubun festival
March Good ok Sumo Tournament
April Good ok
Best seasonal event. Cherry blossom (March 27 – April 10)
May Good Expensive. Golden Week (April 27 – May 5)
May dolls festival
June Rainy ok
Enjoy Japanese gardens
July Good / some rain ok
Tenjin Festival (July 24-25), Gion Festival
August High temperature, high humidity Expensive. Obon vacation (August 10 – 17)
Firework festivals, Daimonji Festival
September Best Weather ok
Enjoy Japanese gardens
October Good ok Fall leaves
November ok / rain ok Fall leaves
December Cold Expensive. Christmas and New Year (December 22- January 5)
Osaka Castle night show

The climate of Osaka
Touristic activities in Osaka

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