Best 10 Takoyaki in Osaka – Takoyaki Street Food of Osaka

Top 10 takoyaki restaurants in Osaka. Rated by people who live in Osaka.

1. Kougaryu (甲賀流 本店)
This place was shown on TV, famous takoyaki shop, in the Amerikamura area of Osaka, young people prefer this place.

2. Wanaka (わなか 千日前本店)
No.1 popular takoyaki restaurant in Osaka, variety of flavors, salt, soy sauce, and special takoyaki sauce, high rating from local visitors.

3. Takoyaki Juuhachiban (たこ焼き十八番 本店)
Fresh octopus, sakura shrimp, ginger, and tenkasu, outside has the crunchy texture, tenkasu, inside is creamy and delicious

4. Abeno Takoyaki Yamachan (あべのたこ焼き やまちゃん2号店)
The best takoyaki in the Tennouji area, the outside is crispy,  inside is moist and delicious, good rating from locals, you should try if you are in Tennoji.

5. Ganso Takoyaki Aiduya (元祖たこ焼き会津屋 梅田店)
This store is in Japan’s popular food magazine, small takoyaki has a strong flavor. This takoyaki is delicious without sauce, unique takoyaki.

6. Dotonbori Honke Ootako (道頓堀 本家 大たこ)
It’s loved by the local people, bug size octopus, great taste, fresh and delicious octopus. good rating by locals.

7. Osaka Takoyaki Museum (大阪たこ焼きミュージアム)
Five popular takoyaki shops (Aiduya, Kukuru, Kougaryu, Juuhachiban, and Yamachan), touristic area, different choices, variety of takoyaki, cheap and expensive options.

8. Umaiya (うまい屋)
A well-known shop in Tenma, a simple taste that people love, the crispy surface, soft inside.

9. Ryomatei (龍馬亭)
In front of Fukushima Station, many loyal customers, handmade takoyaki, covered in onions, soy sauce, high ratings.

10. Jabon Souhonten (じゃんぼ総本店 天神橋1丁目店)

You can enjoy it with many toppings, kimichi, spring onions and mayonnaise.

Takoyaki Cooking experience in Osaka

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