Best Ramen in Osaka – Good Ramen Noodles of Osaka

Top 10 ramen restaurants in Osaka. Rated by people who live in Osaka.

1. Resshi Shoyu Menkobo Sanku (烈志笑魚油 麺香房 三く)
Near Umeda, Near Shinfukushima station, unique slim noodles, niboshi style, interesting utensils, high rating by local visitors.

2. Chuka soba Uemachi (中華そば うえまち)
Near Tanimachi-6-chyome station, a famous old ramen shop, chuka Japanese noodles, unique dipping style, unique sauce.

3. Men Factory Jaws (麺 FACTORY JAWS)
Near Tanimachi-6-chyome station, a great shop for ladies, a well-decorated Hawaiian style place, unique atmosphere, good to take pictures, high rating by local visitors.

4. Bokkoshi (ぼっこ志)
Near Namba station, chicken soup ramen, flexibility and variety, easy to pay, unique toppings, good atmosphere, convenient location.

5. Jinrui Mina Menrui (人類みな麺類)
Fresh and delicious, unique squid taste , famous in Japan, many stores in Japan, not expensive, clean and quick.

6. Kinguemon Dotonbori-ten (金久右衛門 道頓堀店)
Near Namba station, roasted pork, a lot of garlic, high rating from local visitors, vegetable options.

7. Fusumanikakero Nakazakiicchou (麸にかけろ 中崎壱丁)
Near Nakazaki station, not a typical ramen restaurant, similar to the western style, shellfish and citrus ramen.

8. Kadoya Shokudou Honten (カドヤ食堂本店)
A few walks from Nishinagahori station, Chuka soba (Chinese styled noodles), traditional ramen shop, good rating.

9. Menya Joroku (麺屋 丈六)
A few walks from Namba station, everything is handmade, Wakayama style ramen, unique ramen sauce.

10. Ryukishin RIZE (龍旗信 RIZE)
Near Namba station, shio (salt) ramen, exclusively selected ingredients, very thick and delicious, high ratings from local visitors.

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