Tsurumi Ryokuchi Koen Park

Tsurumi Ryokuchi Koen Park (花博記念公園鶴見緑地 Hanahaku Kinen Koen Tsurumi Ryokuchi Koen)
Place for families, couples, hanging out, picnics, relaxing.
“Tsurumiryokuchi Park is located at the site of The International Garden and Greenery Exposition 1990, a world exhibition that featured the beauty of flowers. After the Expo, the site was turned into a memorial park which was designed to have flowers in bloom in every season. The park is 106 hectares in area, and has a large central pond. A windmill, the symbol of the park, stands on a hillside, while tulips, salvias, cosmos and other flowers blossom in every season.” OsakaInfo.
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楽しい森の中 / Romantic mushrooms

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〒538-0036 Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Tsurumi-ku, Ryokuchikōen, 2−163

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