Koshien Stadium

Hanshin Koshien Stadium (阪神甲子園球場 Hanshin Kōshien Kyūjō)
A great stadium to see a baseball game. Good place for families, couples and children.
“Hanshin Koshien Stadium (阪神甲子園球場 Hanshin Kōshien Kyūjō) is a baseball park located near Kobe in Nishinomiya, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. The stadium was built to host the national high school baseball tournaments, and opened on August 1, 1924. It was the largest stadium in Asia at the time it was completed, with a capacity of 55,000.” Wiki
Koshien Stadium
Hanshin Tigers In Koshien Stadium
1-82 Kōshienchō, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyōgo-ken 663-8152

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