Nakanoshima Koen Park

The Nakanoshima Park (中之島公園 Nakanoshima kōen)
A good place to relax, hang out with families, couples, friends. Urban park, urban oasis.
“The Nakanoshima Park (中之島公園 Nakanoshima kōen) is the first public park opened by Osaka in 1891, after its foundation as a city. It is located in Kita ward, on the Nakanoshima (中之島) sandbank, lying between Dōjima and Tosabori Rivers. The 11 hectare park houses public facilities such as Osaka Central Public Hall, Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library and Museum of Oriental Ceramics. It also holds a rose garden. The City Hall of Osaka building is located on its west end.” Wiki

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Riolu in near Umeda and Temmabashi, Osaka, Osaka 19 (Nakanoshima Park)
〒530-0005 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Kita Ward, Nakanoshima, 1−1

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