Kidzania Koshien

Kidzania Koshien (キッザニア甲子園 Kidzania Koshien)
Good place for kids and families. Place for shopping.
“Kidzania Koshien is the fifth ever Kidzania theme park, opened in early 2009 at the LaLaport Koshien, Japan. It is also declared as the second Kidzania theme park in Japan, after Kidzania Tokyo, and the third in Asia, after Kidzania Jakarta. Over 80 occupations are currently offered in this particular theme park, and follows identical shifts as Kidzania Tokyo. This park aims at children aged 4-15 years old, but all activities are enjoyable by all children.” Wiki
Kidzania seoul
KidZania International Airport
〒663-8178 Hyōgo-ken, Nishinomiya-shi, 甲子園八番町Kōshien Hachibanchō, 1−100, ららぽーと甲子園

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