The Art of Bonsai Trees

The art of Bonsai shaping and tree training is referred to as one of the oldest and most intricate arts in the industry of botanical and gardening.
The word bonsai is derived from the Japanese words “bon”, meaning tray, and “sai”, meaning tree, with a literal meaning of creating/planting miniature trees on a tray. Although it originally started in Japan, there are similar traditions, which practiced in other nations and cultures, such as the art of “hon-non-bo” in Vietnam and “Penjing” in China.
bonsai tree
These living, miniature natural masterpieces increase greatly in aesthetic appeal and financial value as the tree matures over time. There are a variety of different styles of bonsai trees, as well as many different kinds of tree that can be used to plant a Bonsai. Styles of Bonsai include formal upright, informal upright, literati, cascade, raft bonsais and semi-cascade, all of which can range amazingly in size from miniature to large. Additionally, both fruit trees and flowered trees can be used for this art.
Flowering bonsai

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