Midosuji Street

Midosuji street is one of the most famous and important streets in Shinsaibashi Osaka. This street is running from north of Umeda in the Kita Area to as far as Namba in the Minami Area.
It is often known and referred to as the “Champs Elysee of the Orient”. The avenue is lined up with a fabulous border of gingko trees, which is casting beautiful shade in the summer season.
When the leaves turn into yellow/red in autumn, the atmosphere of the avenue becomes even more fantastic and romantic as people walking along a carpet of golden fallen leaves. It definitely is a wonderful way of enjoying nature in an urban setting.
The street is also known as a super high-class shopping street, housing, clothing stores by such brands as Apple flagship store, major hotels, Chanel, Louis Vuitton etc…
Apple Store Midosuji Ave
There is an interesting fact that the street was often referred to in songs by popular artists, for example, Hitomi Yaida on her album It’s a New Day.

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